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Creative Media - Piggy Island!

No description

Freya Hancock

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Creative Media - Piggy Island!

Piggy Island Aim of the game! Thank you for watching my
presentation on Piggy Island!

Piggy Island! The aim of the game is to explore
the fantasy world of 'Piggy Island'
and complete different levels.
Once you complete a level you get given
a feather to make a pair of wings
so you can fly away on the
final level. Initial Sketches These are the
characters in my
game! You can
also see a few
weapons in the
game, such as
the sonic
oink! Why have I chosen this game? I chose this game because it would be simple
to play and it's got lots of potential!

My research showed that adventure games
are popular at the moment Final Designs My Research! Does anyone have any questions? Brief Mindmap!
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