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Iowa State University

No description

Rachel Selig

on 13 September 2010

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Transcript of Iowa State University

Mascot Cost Activities Iowa State University There are three types of payments. They are Ungraduated Students, GraduateStudents, and Professional Programs.
Ungraduated Students- (resident) Ungraduated- $2,870.00
Buisiness, Junior and Senior- $3,128.00
Engineering, Junior and Senior- $3,815.00
Graduate Students-(resident)
Graduate- $3,358.00
Engineering Graduate- $3,869.00
Des Moines and Saturday Masters of Buisness Administration(MBA): Buisness Majors- $4,375.00
Professional Programs-(resident)
Veterinary Medicine- $7,841.00
Veterinary Medicine, 4th year students (Fall or Spring)- $7,727.00
Veterinary Medicine, 4th year students (Summer)- $7,727.00 The Iowa State University's mascot is known as Cy the Cardinal. Iowa State has a lot of sports and many of them are like the ones we have here, but still there are just a few that are different.
The sports also have different teams one for men and one for women.
These sports are
Basketball- men
Basketball- women
Cross Country
Golf- men
Golf- women
Swimming and Diving
Track and Field
Wrestling When it was established Iowa State University was established in 1879 as the first public veterinary school in the United States. Isu records in sports Quick Facts They were the only ones out of three to doctorate human computer interaction.
It encompasses eight colleges and 54 academic departments.
In autum of 2005 the student body consisted of 20,732 ungraduate students, 4,578 graduate students, and 431 first professional students. A girl named Lisa Koll broke the collegiate record in the 10,000-meter run in 2010. She now is in 6th place for the fastest American in the event. Iowa State's volleyball team has made the NCAA tournament's Sweet Sixteen for the past three seasons and Elite Eight in 2008. Academics On U. S. News and World Report Iowa State ranks in the top 50 public univirsities. Freshman at Iowa State get an early boost in academics by participating in the Universities nationally recognized learning comunities. Arts Iowa State has a very good art program as well as sports. The U. S. named Iowa State's Reiman Gardens the best Rose Garden. In the 1991 book The Campus As A Work of Art put Iowa State in the top 25 for there over 600 public works of art. Where its located Iowa State is located in Ames where its population is 50,000,it is only 30 minutes away from Des Moines. It is ranked among the top small America cities to live, work and do buisness.
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