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Facade Design

No description

Priya Vakil

on 3 June 2011

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Transcript of Facade Design

The building skin can considerably impact energy consumption - upto 25% savings can be achieved by optimization of facade design Kolkata has a predominantly warm and humid climate that must be taken into account while designing the building skin and understanding the occupant needs.

The passive strategies extracted from the climate study suggest the importance of cooling and natural ventilation, that must be incorporated into the design. planning strategies for interior spaces can help to improve the overall indoor environment and at the same time give climate responsive elevation.

Some of the planning suggestions are........ Before After - Reduction in heat gain & incresing efficiency of cooling
by having glass with max. U-factor of 3.30W/sq.m-C
- Efficient insulation for envelope to optimize energy
- High reflective paints on the wall surface
- Terrace & ground covering material with high SRI
- Vegetation cover to mitigate heat island effect Energy efficiency measures Way Forward As a holistic approach towards making the building sustainable
following points should be taken into consideration;
- Indoor environmental quality
- Energy efficiency through electrical fixtures and equipments
- Indoor & outdoor lighting levels
- Waste segregation & appropriate management
- Water management
- Local, recyclable and rapidly renewable materials
- Environmental awareness to users Envelope specifications for warm & humid climate;

Roof: max U-factor - 0.261W/sqm.C
Wall: max U-factor - 0.440 W/sqm.C
Window: max U-factor - 3.30W/sqm.C
max SHGC - 0.20% Office Building at Theatre Road, Kolkata Vertical Rigid Louver System (VRLS) Straggered Open north facade to allow maximum daylight and form the lightbox /glowing face for the street during the evening hours Horizontal shading devices shade the facade and the vegetation on the overhangs helps to reduce persistent southern heat gain Operable louvers on east facilitate shade in the morning hours and allow daylight during the afternoon-evening hours while controling heat gain Dead wall along west facade to ensure insulation against the harshest incident solar radiation. The fixed external fins ensure a shaded west facade thereby eliminating over heating for the interior spaces View from North-East View from North-West View from South-East Corner niche Vegetation
cover Open to sky terrace garden with pebbled water channels Skycourt Semi-open terrace
with pergola first floor plan second floor plan third floor plan fourth floor plan fifth floor plan Breathing biowall ground floor plan Entrance Lobby Administration Drop-off Vertical circulation Resolving the circulation pattern.... Green links & nodes Open/Semi-open Garden Drop-off ground floor plan Exit Due to reduction in direct heat gain by introducing the louvers the cooling load decreases and hence energy efficiency in the building can be optimized Energy savings Average incident solar radiation without louvers for one year = 700000 W/sqm Breathing biowall Skycourt Vegetation cover Vegetation cover Terrace Corner niche Terrace Vegetation cover Costa Cafe Average incident solar radiation with louvers for one year = 370000 W/sqm ( 47% reduction = 330000 W/sqm)
Reduction in solar radiation transmission = 0.76 x 330000 = 250800 W/sqm (assuming SHGC - 0.76)
Assuming 70% of the solar gain to be unwanted, reduction in cooling load = 0.70 x 250800 = 175 kW/sqm
If 1 unit price of electricity consumption is 7Rs. then total savings per sqare meter of facade for year
= 175000 x 7 /1000 = 1225 Rs.
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