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Persuasive Writing

5th Grade Unit

Whitney Morris

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Persuasive Writing

6 Types of Persuasive Writing

To change someone's mind about a topic, thought, or idea.
-To sell something.
-To get an audience to do something, or take action.
-To get an audience to support something we believe in.
Why do we do it?
Convincing your audience that you are a good person and that you are honest.
Your audience will agree with you if they like you.
Your audience will believe you if they think you are the best person to speak about this topic.
Persuading your audience by tugging at their heart strings.
Connecting to your audience by using emotion and passion.
Persuading your audience by using logic or facts.
Facts and examples make your arguments stronger.

ShamWow Guy
A Comprehensive Unit
Persuasive Writing
This technique is used to influence emotions, opinions, attitudes, and behaviors.
"Everyone is doing it, so you should too."
Convincing your audience that they will be left out if they don't agree with you.
Ribbon Dancer
Using famous people (like celebrities and athletes) or satisfied customers to promote a product.
Companies will use these famous people to make their product seem appealing.
Example: "Do you want to look like me? Then buy this makeup!”
Jimmer Fredette
A catchy saying, song, or phrase often used to sell a product, or to get an audience to believe something.
It must be catchy or easy to remember so that it stays with people for a long time (stuck in your head).
McDonalds “I’m Lovin’ It”
Now it's time to practice!
Content Objective: You will identify all 6 of the persuasive writing techniques correctly and understand their use.

Language Objective: You will plan and write a persuasive essay using at least 2 of the persuasive techniques while keeping in mind purpose, audience, format, and standard English conventions.
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