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Old immigrants vs New immigrants

No description

Peter P

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Old immigrants vs New immigrants

Nativism - The political position of demanding a favored status for certain established inhabitants of a nation as compared to claims of new comers or immigrants.

- Nativism was a split between the new immigrants and old immigrants. The old immigrants did not like the new immigrants coming to their country. Political cartoon The wealthy men standing in the
picture represent the old immigrants
putting their hands out to stop new immigrants from coming into their country. The shadows of the men represent the way they used to be when they were new immigrants. New Immigrants New immigration 1880-1910 - 10 million Immigrants -Mostly came from Poland,Italy, Russia, Greece
and China.

-They came for a variety of reasons:
-Better life
-Fleeing religious persecution
-Little economic opportunity

living Conditions:
Immigrants lived in crowded tenements because that was all they could afford.
They took low-paying, unskilled jobs.
they settled with people from their country, creating a place they could keep their culture alive. Old immigration 1800-1880 - 18 million Immigrants Settlement Houses -The United States was known as the nation of immigrants, or the melting pot.
- All of the population in the United States were immigrants except for Native Americans.
-Everyone that was born there was still considered an immigrant because there parents were immigrants. -The settlement houses were made to help the new immigrants get used to the customs of American culture.
-They also helped the new immigrants learn the English language.
-Settlement houses gave new immigrants the chance to receive job training courses. The Immigration Years New immigrants
Old immigrants Old Immigrants By- Peter Pogorzelski,
Chase Meier, Zach Olivas,
Aaron Sarquist, and
Sean Whitmore Clash Many of the "old" immigrants came from Northern and Western Europe: Ireland, Germany, Great Britain, and China.

Reasons for Immigration:
-Better life
-Bad Economy

Living Conditions:
Many Germans were wealthier and were able to settle in more places. They settled from New York to Texas.
Irish were poorer and took low paying jobs, in places like factories and other city jobs that no one else wanted. Mostly from western Europe. -The old immigrants did not like the new immigrants because the new immigrants were causing problems. - They took Jobs - They brought their own ideas of life. - They brought diseases. - Blamed for poverty.
-Old immigrants were trying to change the new immigrants way of life Upon arrival to Ellis island,
immigrants that could have
been fleeing, traveling or
just looking for a better life
would have most likely
felt safe in America. Ellis island was used as an immigration office on the east coast in New York. Ellis Island Anti-immigration Groups Know Nothing Group
-Well supported and funded.
-They were a political and social group
-(The American Party)
Chinese Exclusion Acts
-The old immigrants tried to make laws to stop new immigrants
-They made the Chinese Exclusion Act in the year 1882.
Made it illegal for the Chinese to immigrate for ten years. Americanization -Process of assimilating immigrants into American society
-Came of fear and charity

-Schools and voluntary organizations taught skills needed in America:
-English Skills
-American History
-Taught American Government
-Immigrants lost cultural heritage Primary Source These are Russian immigrants After the Imperialist government
was overthrtown, thousands of Russian
immigrants came to the United
States. Many of them were "white" Russians- meaning they opposed the "red" Soviet State.
They were welcomed into the U.S.

many of them were aristocrats before fleeing Russia
so they took up work for the first times in their lives. Generals became taxi drivers, and princes became waiters. The End THE END
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