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No description

Ivo Fernández López

on 10 April 2013

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by Adrián Coto and Iván Fernández Meet me in Istambul Index Richard Chisholm Summary Kemal Tom Smith Personal Opinion VIDEO Roderick Milton Chisholm was born in Massachussets, the 27 November, 1916. He was an American philosopher. He received his Doctor of Philosophy at Harvard University. He wrote books about metaphysics and other sciences, and others about imaginated stories. Some of his books are "Perceiving", his first work, "Person and Object", and "Meet me in Istanbul". Richard Chisholm died Providence, Rhode Island, the 19 January, 1999, when he was 82 years old. This is the story of a boy called Tom Smith who went to Istambul to meet Angela, his girlfriend, but when he arrives, he didn't find her. The company where Angela worked said Tom that she died in a car accident, but he didn't accept it because he saw her from a bus. He decided to investigate with his friend, Kemal, who he met in the plane. They went to the company´s building in secret and they discovered that they were smuggling, but the smugglers discovered them and they had to escape. When the smugglers caught them, the police arrived and caught the contrabandists. At the end, Tom met Angela and they decided to go on holiday. He is the main character. He is an English man and he travels to Istanbul to visit his fiancée, called Angela. He met Kemal and he is going to discovered the mistery about where Angela is with the help of his friend from Istanbul, Kemal. He is Tom´s friend and he helps Tom to find Angela in Istanbul. He meets Tom in the plane and they become friends. Together, they discover the smugglers and they find Angela and her kidnapper, Dünyia. He lives in Istanbul and his fathers work in a furniture shop. We liked this book because the story is very good and we think Tom´s adventure is very enjoyable. The book is also very good written and it tells a very special story about kidnappings. I recomend this book to persons of about 13 to 16 years old because the adventures are appropiate for people of this ages. 1. Author
2. Summary
3. Tom
4. Angela
5. Kemal
6. Dünyia
7. Opinion
8. Video
9. The end Angela She is Tom´s fiancée. She is also from England, but she lives in Istanbul because she works there in an export and import agency. Her boss, Dünyia, kidnapps her and says that she is died. Dünyia He is Angela´s boss and he is also her kidnapper. He works in the export and import agency. He pretends Angela´s death to kidnapp her in secret, but his plan fails and the police arrest him and the smugglers. THE
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