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R León

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of MONGOLIA

Mongolia is in the continent of Asia
China (South) and Russia (North).
The Flag
Mongolia was founded in 1206
Their currency is Mongolian tögrög
Natural Resources are coal, iron, silver, copper, gold, molybdenum and flourspar
Mongolia has less than 1% farmland; major crops here are oats, barley, potatoes, vegetables, and hay
Important products in Mongolia are foot products and beverages; textiles, clothing, leather goods, and footwear; wood product; mineral products
Population of 3,226,516
Their government is a parliamentary republic
Their president is Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj.
The religions in Mongolia are 4% Muslim, 6% Christians and Shamanists, 50% Buddhist Lamaists, and 40% don't have one
They mostly speak Khalka
In 1924, Education became a priority, so it began to rise. It has a literacy rate of 97.4%.
Major cities are Ulan Bator, Erdenet, Darhan, Khord, Olgii, Ulaangam, Hovd, Mörön, Bavanhonogor, and Arvayheer
The president of Mongolia
Guritai Shol
Mongolians have many interesting customs, here are a few. (They are all kind of random.)
the major sports in Mongolia are wrestling, archery, horse racing, and other sports
Other sports are football (soccer)(not as big as in other countries), basketball, and boxing
some foods/dishes are marmot boodog, horhog, and guritai shol
They use two hands or the right hand to receive or give something.
When they see a shooting star they think someone is dieing, so they spit over their shoulder and say, "that's not my star".
When they (accidentally)spill a dairy product they dip their finger in it and lightly put it on their forehead.
the blue represents the sky an the red symbolizes progress and prosperity
the yellow symbol at the top is fire
the circle is the sun and the shape under it is the moon
the triangle is earth and the rectangle under it is water
the circle that is divided is the yin-yang symbol
3rd century B.C. - Iron weapons were in use; Xiongnu invasion of China was repulsed
2d-1st centuries B.C. - Nomads expand to the west; pressure on China continues
1st-2d centuries A.D. - Renewed attacks on China
A.D. 317 - Xianbei conquer northern China
386-533 - Period of Northern Wei Dynasty, established by the Toba
916-1125 - Period of Kitan Liao Dynasty, established over eastern Mongolia, Manchuria, and northern China
1038-1227 - Tangut Western Xia Dynasty, established in northwestern China
115-1234 - Jurchen establish Jin Dynasty in Manchuria, northern China
1139-47 - Jurchen defeat Mongols in Pamirs
1196-1206 - Temujin unites Mongols, assumes title of Chinggis Khan
1209-15 - Mongols conquer south to Beijing, west to Lake Balkash
1220-26 - Southwest Asia was conquered; invasion of Europe and China
1227 - Chinggis died
1231 - Mongolia invades Korea
1235 - Mongolia's Capital was rebuilt at Karakorum
1237-41 - Expedition into Europe that was halted at Vienna with Ogedei's death
1240-1480 - Suzerainty over Russia was established by Golden Horde Conquest of Song China
1260 - Mongols defeated by Egyptian Mamluks
1261 - Khubilai becomes great khan
1274 and 1281 - Unsuccessful attempts at invasion of Japan
1279 - Yuan Dynasty was established in China
1368 - Yuan Dynasty was destroyed; Mongols were driven back into Mongolia
1388 - Chinese troops destroy Karakorum
1391 - Timur defeats Golden Horde
1400-54 - Civil war ends Mongol unity
1409-49 - Renewed Mongol invasions of China
1466 - Dayan Khan reunites most of Mongolia
1480-1502 - Muscovites end Mongol control of Russia; the last of Golden Horde defeated
1571 - Mongols end 300-year war with China
1586 - Buddhism becomes state religion
1641-52 - Russians defeat Buryat Mongols, gain control of Lake Baykal region
1672 - Mongols raid Siberia and Russia
1691 - Most Khalkha Mongols accept suzerainty of Manchus, absorbed into Chinese empire
1728 - Sino-Russian Treaty of Kyakhta redefines traditional Mongolian borders
1732 - Dzungar Mongols were defeated; Mongol independence ended
1750s - Chinese divide Mongolia into northern, Outer Mongolia, and Southern, Inner Mongolia
1783 - Last reigning descendant of Chinggis in the Crimea deposed by Russians
Current events
After a three day trial Nyamdori Enkhbayar, Mongolia's former president, was found guilty for illegal privatization of a hotel and newspapers and the misuse of donated television equipment to broadcast from his own television station. He said," I am not afraid of anyone.I will fight for justice and for a new Mongolia''. He was also fined 54 million turkics in damages.
The Gobi is one of the world’s greatest deserts, occupying a lot of southern Mongolia and north-eastern China
the Gobi Desert
the Altai are home to the highest mountain in Mongolia
the altai
Nyamdori Enkhbayar
Genghis khan was the founder of the mongol empire which, after his death, became the largest contiguous empire in history
60-70 million years ago, the Ancient Sea resided here. Many fossils have been found here
flaming cliffs
Tourist destinations
The Erdene Zuu Monastery is in Kharkhorin, Mongolia, and it is the earliest surviving Buddhist monasteries in Mongolia.
The National Museum of Mongolia is located in the capitol of Ulan Bator. It is one of Mongolia's national museums.
Sükhbaatar Square is the central square of Ulaanbaatar an it has a statue of one of the leaders of the Mongolian revolution in 1921. His name is Damdin Sükhbaatar.
Mongolia has only 1% farmland
thanks for watching!!
Physical map
Political Map
by: Daniela Leon
5th Period
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