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Characteristics Of Living Things (Caterpillar)

No description

Jackson Nance

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Characteristics Of Living Things (Caterpillar)

• Fuzzy exterior
• Size
• Color
• Multiple eyes
• Wings
DNA (Traits)
Unicellular or Multicellular ?
• Pain

• Caused by Emotion
• Multicellular

Pattern Of Growth/Development
• Rapid growth after moult
• Regular cycle
• Grow very quickly
• Most species shed 4 or 5 times as there bodies grow
• Before they pupate

By: Jackson and Robert
Characteristics Of Living Things (Caterpillar)
• Cold Weather
• Create a "tent"
• Warm caterpillars have a higher resting metabolism than cool caterpillars
• Metabolic rate increases as there speed of motion increases
• Larvae take advantage of nutrients in food as daily temperature rises
Sexual Reproduction or Asexual Reproduction ?
• Sexual Reproduction
Change over time
Growth Cycle
• Start as egg
• Hatch into Larva
• Starts to form chrysalis (cocoon)
• Once it is ready it emerges from chrysalis
• Starts life as adult Butterfly
• Mystery
• Ancient Egyptians believed every worm/grub turned into an adult insect never knew how.
• Charles Darwin's "
The Voyage of the Beagle
• That point on discoveries were made
• Still are trying to reach a conclusion on metamorphosis today
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