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Reexamining Digital Identity

Crafting and managing student and staff digital identities

Joel Pettigrew

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Reexamining Digital Identity

Digital Identity

Joel Pettigrew - @therealjoelp - MIT
Jeff Pelletier - @jeffbc94 - The Ohio State University
ACUI International 2013 - St. Louis

"The internet isn't written in pencil, Mark. It's written in ink."
Where is this presentation coming from?
ACUI International Boston 2012
"Reexamining Student Digital Identity"
Staff usage can influence student usage/campus usage

Dropped the development theory for two-sided reason

Move both student and staff forward together
Social Media for the Student Leader
Use Social Media Positively
Do Not Post Something Publicly That Will Shame Your Members
Avoid Inside Jokes and Avoid Tagging Your Organization Unneccesarily
The Social Student Leader
Social Media on Campus
More than 90% of 4year college students report having a Facebook Profile (Davis III, Deil-Amen, Rios-Aguilar, Gonzalez Canche, 2012)
Just like the quote from Social Network, our posts are not private, but very much public.
We must educate our students, our fellow staff, and ourselves about approaching social media appropriately.
Shifting the conversation about job seeking and social media
Social Media
for the Professional
or 2?
"But in terms of using Facebook and living their social life online, they’re not native to that. That’s human communication, human behavior." - Ed Cabellon, interview with Fast Company on Oct. 17th, 2012
Are our students really digital natives?
Social Media Policy on Campus
A Great Resource:

Born out of a Campus Tech Connection podcast in 2010 - great resources to look at when developing a policy on campus
Keep it simple to start! This doesn't have to be and shouldn't be scary.
Do your social media plans/policies mesh well with other campus policies?
Students: How can I promote positive digital identity formation on my campus?

Staff: How can we prepare students to represent themselves well and truthfully on social media?

Everyone: What mechanisms can we put in place on our campus to promote discussion and reflection of digital identity and a campus that engages meaningfully on social media? Why are we using it - emergency, discussion, etc.?
Questions to Consider
Joel Pettigrew - MIT Student Activities - joelp@mit.edu - @therealjoelp
Jeff Pelletier - Ohio Union - pelletier.12@osu.edu - @jeffbc94
Would you say out loud what you tweet?
Do they mesh well with the changing landscape of technology?
Sam Laird on Mashable - Nov. 12, 2012
UW Athletic Department and IMG broadcasting policies limit press tweeters to a recommended frequency of 20 total in-game updates for basketball, 45 updates for football
Tacoma News Tribune reporter has been reprimanded for live-tweeting
Best Practices v. Guidelines and Policies
#SAChat on 2/21/13 - Creating Campus Social Media Guidelines
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