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WW1: Imperialism - Morocco Crisis 1905-1914

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Ericka Camba

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of WW1: Imperialism - Morocco Crisis 1905-1914

IMPERIALISM: Morocco Crisis
1905-1914 Moroccans wanted their independence
from France and Germany supported that. War was narrowly avoided by a conference which allowed France to retain possession of Morocco. In 1911, the Germans were again protesting against French possession of Morocco. Britain supported France and Germany was persuaded to back down for part of French Congo. One of the Growing Crisis of World War 1 One of the points of the Entente Cordiale (1904) was that the British would help France conquer Morocco in Africa. Kaiser Wilhem was the leader of Germany who promised Morocco protection. He gave an interview to the Daily Telegraph newspaper that he wanted to be friends with Britain. An agreement was signed between Germany and France giving Germany parts of French Congo and Morocco remained with France. By Ericka Camba Effects: The French were furious with Germany. The British saw it as yet another attempt by Germany to build a German Empire to rival Britain's Empire. A conference was held at Algeciras (1906), where Britain and Russia supported France, and Germany was forced to promise to stay out of Morocco. This in turn annoyed Germany, who thought that they were 'ganging up' to stop Germany occupying its rightful place in the world. In 1907, Britain and Russia, alarmed by German ambitions, made an Entente. and also one of the causes that led to war. Additional info: Out of the 13 nations at the meeting where Germany wanted to own part of Morocco, only Austria-Hungary supported them. Germany felt humiliated and started violence which later known as the 2nd Morocco crisis.
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