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02.03 The Crusades: Assessment

No description

Sharifa Islam

on 22 March 2014

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Transcript of 02.03 The Crusades: Assessment

A Call to Arms
Pope Urban II
Pope Urban II : Emperor Alexius I Comnenus appealed me for defending the Byzantine Empire for taking over the Holy Land again. I did not want any power to be in the hands of the people who did not believe in Christianity. For overpowering I would need the help of European Lords to conquer the Holy Land from the Muslims.
The First Crusade
Peter the Hermit
Peter the Hermit : I have been recruiting more people to assist us in retaking the Holy Land as soon as I got to hear it. Right now I have entered the land of Constatinople with the force of army. I will be staying here while my army head towards Anatolia.
Saladin : I was not scared of the incoming Christian Crusades of the Romans. This is due to the fact that they were untrained peasants. We hope to eliminate them easily and keep the Holy Land under our control.
William Of Tyre
02.03 The Crusades: Assessment
The Third Crusade
Richard the Lionheart : I tried to gain control during this time as now Jerusalem was in control of the Muslims. I have reached an agreement with Saladin. The agreement was to let the Christians enter the Holy Land to visit their shrines while Jerusalem still under their control. I will control the lands in the north of Jaffa.
I was proud to be involved in the Christian Crusade and to witness the history for the first time. The christians are waging war against the Muslims to bring their Holy Land. I chronicled life in Jerusalem under the Christians Crusades.
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