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The Body Shop

2011 Media Plan for The Body Shop

carolyn ksiazek

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of The Body Shop

The Body Shop Target Audience Matt Endter, Carolyn Ksiazek, katie Minton, Breanne Sigler Jane Jill Jane is a trendy 21-year-old who keeps up with social media as well as her friends. She is enviromentally conscious and wouldn't mind spending more money on beauty products that are eco-friendly. Jill is a 40-year-old working mom. She loves her corner office and soccer games. She is concerned with the enviroment but is seeking a product that gets the job done well every time. In her spare time she shops for her family and enjoys reading magazines. objectives increase sales by 25%

Obtain and maintain a loyal customer base Develop a strong Internet presence 1,704,549 additional purchases of $20 or more in the 2011 calendar year strategy Social media magazines cable guerilla Social networking sites allow for brand exposure at little to no cost. The body Shop has an already established presence on Facebook and Twitter, however the plan introduces fourquare, an online site, that offers coupons and specials upon check-in. For both demographic audiences, magazines were selected to effectively reach the target. Certain niche magazines, such as 'Shape', 'Good Housekeeping' and 'Seventeen', reach the enviromentally friendly audience outlined. Reaching the appropriate market is made simpiler with new cable programming. To reach more narrow audiences cable channels such as The Learning channel, The Food Network, and HGTV were selected to bring The Body Shop advertisements to viewers who tune into those channels. THe body Shop will put together a street team in targeted cities to place and soap and lotion samples in public restrooms. Some targeted cities include New York City, Seattle, and Boulder which were chosen due to their green attitude and/or high population density. media mix A pulsing pattern was designed based on the Earth's seasons. To avoid the holiday clutter, this schedule was outlined and implemented. budget allocation contingency plan in the event that facebook begins charging users, a youtube channel will be created for the United states division of the body shop. conclusion introduction direct mail example One of the body shop's greatest strengths is that it is an ethically driven company. therefore, a media plan was molded to capitalize on this unique business position. after the success of this media plan, the body shop can look to the future with expansion into men's products. also the body shop could start to consider using enviromentally friendly resources in their direct marketing techniques. This media plan was designed around the already established green attitude that the body shop exudes.
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