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"The Blind Date"



on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of "The Blind Date"

"THE BLIND DATE" ~THE NEWEST DATE MOVIE~ *Written, Directed, & Produced By: Jamelia Willis* MONIQUE THE MAIN CHARACTERS A black woman who is born into money, SHE MUST HAVE EVERYTHING HER WAY she puts her business before her social life, doesn't have many friends, she is known as the "MEANEST BOSS" MIA She is a perky young lady, she is outgoing, loves to hang with friends, the most kindness, and sweetest person. CAMERON A black man who grew up with a single parent (mother). He is a smart, handsome man, who got into the wrong crowd at the wrong time and trying to move on from the mistakes he has made. THE MOST ROMANTIC MOVIE OF ALL TIMES D.J. Known as the player. Always getting what he wants by no means. He's not cold hearted but can be a SNAKE..... In Theaters Soon
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