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No description

Ross Bliss

on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of Multicam

What could it mean?
A mode of production
for television using multiple cameras
simultaneously to record
or broadcast content.
It can be in a controlled
environment such as
a soundstage or at
an unpredictable
outdoor venue.
Let's figure out how
that was filmed.
Coverage of Action
Communicating Meaning to the Viewer
Visual Style
Maintaining Viewer Interest
Controlled Environment
Multi-Camera Simultaneous Recording
Coverage of Action -
MC Ensures that all events/actions that occur are captured - Nothing can be missed.
Communicating Meaning to the Viewer -
MC allows for more coverage which means more context can be given to events happening on screen.
Visual Style -
A carefully planned variety of camera angles and camera movements can create a visual spectacle and therefore a higher quality show.
Maintaining Viewer Interest -
MC allows the editor or vision mixer to change the shot whenever he/she feels the viewer might be getting restless or bored.
Controlled Environment -
This offers control of all the elements involved in a shoot allowing you to get the best from MC in all of the other ways mentioned here.
Multi-Camera Simultaneous Recording -
All cameras record at the same time and so save time (and therefore money) on set and in the edit.
Why do I need to know?
Unit 23 Multi-Camera Techniques
By the end of this unit you will...
...be able to understand programme formats that use this mode of production and explain why.
...have planned a Multi-Camera production.
...have performed an operational role in a 'live' Multi-Camera production.
Watch any Multi-Camera
production and draw a
diagram floor plan of
how you think their
Cameras are set up.
Assignment for Tomorrow
X factor
8 out of ten cats
Jimmy Fallon
Allan Carr
nevermind The Buzzocks
Match of the day
live sport
Whos line is it anyway?
University Challenge
celebrity juice
Top Gear
Red Dwarf
Big Brother
Live Music
magazines Shows
Jeremy Kyle
Magazine Show
Live music
Reality Shows
Chat Shows
Stand Up
Panel Shows

SKY TV has commissioned
to come up with a new Multi-Camera show and they have given you a million pound budget.
You must deliver a pitch to them detailing your idea. Your pitch
include –

Programme title
Brief proposal and treatment
An idea for set design
List of talent/contributors
Studio plans/diagrams
Relevant examples of similar programmes
Target Audience

Example Shows
Assignment task

Unit 23 – GC2 & GC3

You have learnt about the reasons for Multi Camera set-ups and practiced a studio shoot, now you must Produce a LIVE 14 – 15 min programme segment using the Multi-camera setup in the TV Studio.

You can do any theme you want (musical performance/talk show/game show/chat show/critique show etc) but you must have a presenter, opening or closing credits, logo, jingle, at least 2 x VTs and guests/contributors. Your VT’s cannot be longer than the live action.

Individually or in a pair prepare a pitch for 28/09/15 proposing your programme idea, format and visual style.
Successful pitches will include a programme title, proposal and brief treatment, set design ideas, list of talent/contributors, estimated floor plans/diagrams, and relevant examples of similar programmes.

The class will vote for their favourite ideas and the 3 best ideas will be produced into 3 LIVE multi-camera programmes, with each class member fulfilling a specified practical role.

You will be assessed on your individual research, planning, pre-production and team contribution as well as your practical role.

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