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Bell Pettigrew's Flying Machines

No description

Aidan L

on 9 July 2015

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Transcript of Bell Pettigrew's Flying Machines

James Bell Pettigrew's Flying Machines
James Bell Pettigrew
-Born in Scotland, Lankshire 1834
-Went to Glasgow and Edinburgh University
-Naturalist, and published works on Animal Locomotion
-Developed this knowledge into ideas of flight
Innovation and flight tech up to 1850
-Hot air balloons and kites (BCE)
-Da Vinci, early Animal Locomotion and flight machines
-Montgolfiers Balloon (1783), Development of airships (1850)
Pettigrew's Flying Machines
Application To Present Day
-Studied by Zepplinn and other flight designers
-Demonstrated the naturalistic ideas of flight
Pettigrew's Naturalist Deveopement
-Degree in Medicine
-Croonian Lectures at Royal Society
-Elected fellow of Royal Society
-Published natural works, opposing Darwinisim
-Published Books on Animal Locomotion
-Detailed further works on flying machines, based off that of animal locomotion
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