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LIN1 Ferris Chu Term Project

My PAL Program Experience

Ferris Chu

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of LIN1 Ferris Chu Term Project

My PAL Program Experience
Ferris Chu
LIN1, SSII 2013
"After meeting with my Pal partner, I became more familiar with my college life in the following aspects. First of all, I knew more information about course registration and which courses are suitable for me to take for the freshman year. The Pal Partner program made me easier to adjust in a new environment. I also got housing information which is very useful if I would like to live outside the campus later in the future. Although it is important to concentrate on the schoolwork in order to have a good grade for my freshman year, I am glad that my pal partner gave me good suggestions about where I can have a relax during the weekends and during the vacations." -Yiwen (via email)
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Initial Contact
For the PAL Program, I was matched with a student from Beijing, China named Yiwen. I sent her an email, but she didn't respond for days. I thought I'd have to ask for a new partner, but a few days later, she responded! We were matched about three weeks into Summer Session II and we were both taking summer school, so it took a while before we could find a day to meet up. We finally had time to meet during the fourth week of SSII.
First Face-To-Face Meeting
Yiwen and I agreed to meet at the ARC. To my surprise, she brought her friend, Cameron. It was a pleasure to meet the two and get to know a little about them. We covered many topics involving school, college life, and other activities, like hobbies. I learned that Yiwen and Cameron had just come fresh from high school and were extremely eager to take on college. Cameron was planning to major in Women's Studies and possibly double major with Film Studies. Much like myself, Yiwen planned to change majors from Economics to Mechanical Engineering.
Email Conversations
The Last Meeting
We met for the last time during the fifth week of school. Cameron had joined us again and we had a short but lively conversation, discussing topics like tutoring services at UC Davis, finals, and plans for the last two weeks of summer.
What I Learned
Through the PAL program, I had the chance to meet two people from a place I'd never visited. Although my time with them was short, I had fun getting to know Yiwen and Cameron. Talking to them allowed me to get a glimpse of the worlds they grew up in and the similarities and differences of their life in China and their present Davis life. Prior to this class, I hadn't ever thought of participating in the PAL program, but after this experience, I think I will again in the future.
My PAL Partner's Experience and Thoughts
Cameron and Yiwen
Cameron, Yiwen, and me
Since we were so busy with Summer School, we would also have conversations through email. Although these conversations were not as fulfilling as face-to-face conversations, they were still conversations. The advantage of email conversations is that we were not pressed on time and we could answer whenever we were available. Through email, we set up the next meeting time during the fifth week of Summer Session.
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