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Acceleration by Graham McNamee

MC Reads 2014

Myles V

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of Acceleration by Graham McNamee

Main Characters
Other Characters
Theme #2:
Another major theme is learning how to take matters in a situaution in your own hands. When Duncan found Roach's small, brown leather journal/diary and searched it through it in the beginning, he decided not to take it to the cops because he thought that they wouldnt do anything and also beacuse he had history of criminal activity.
The main setting in the book is the Toronto Transit's lost and found, in which is where the main character, Duncan, works.
Another major setting is the place where Duncan, Vinny, and Wayne live called "The Jungle"
Main Characters
Wayne is Duncan's best friend. He committed many crimes with him. Wayne is the one who persuaded Duncan into stealing a toilet. He works at a restaurant called the Dairy Barn and gets payed minimum wage. Wayne usually has a bald haircut except for when he is working.
In Canada's brutal hot summer, seventeen year old, Duncan, works fifty feet underground at the Toronto Transit Agency's lost and found. Although this job might seem as a cool resort from the heat, Duncan hates his career. One day while Duncan was looking for something to read, he found a little, hardcover journal. In it were dark secrets and a record of crimes, which include animal torture and arson, that were all committed by someone named Roach (nickname given by Duncan). After reading ahead in the diary, Duncan finds out that Roach must move on past the "kids" stuff and start killing women. When Duncan acknowledged this, he uses the help of his friends and information from some library books to catch this maniac
Brief Summary
Theme #1:
One major theme in the book is the concept of redemption. Since Duncan was unsuccessful in saving Maya, the girl that drowned at Kayuga Beach, he thinks that his "second chance", and his opportunity to redeem himself would be to rescue women in Roach's (Scott Weber).
Duncan is a seventeen years old and is about to be a senior in high school. He lives in a worn-down neighborhood called "The Jungle". He has a various record of victimless crimes. Duncan's most recent crime, which was stealing a toilet, sentenced him to a long time of community service, and it put him to where he is now, working at the Toronto Transit's lost and found. He is the one that sparks the plot of the book by finding Roach's diary.
Roach is the villian/main enemy in the story. He is a white male in his early twenties who lives in Wilson Heights with is grandma. Roach works at Yorkdale Mall as a security guard. He is the psycho that created the diary that Duncan found which has a record of his childhood, his crimes, and his animal experiments
Other Major Characters: Wayne
Vinny is one of Duncan's friends. He has no sense of style and wears the same pair of jeans, black t-shirt, and jacket every day. Vinny lives in the same neighborhood as Duncan. He is the brains of the operation created to catch Roach. Vinny had a birth defect which resulted in him having a skinny left arm with only three fingers
Kim is Duncan's ex-girlfriend. She is almost six feet tall, has short blond hair, and plays center for her school's girl basketball team. Kim also volunteer's at a local community center. Duncan doesn't like her volunteering there because he thinks it's an unsafe environment. This is what caused them to break up. Although, at the end of the book, Duncan and Kim make up.
McNamee, Graham.
. New York: Wendy Lamb, 2003. Print.
Protagonist: Duncan
Antagonist: Roach (Scott Weber)
by Graham McNamee

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