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My science prezi

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Rama Almoustadi

on 12 January 2017

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Transcript of My science prezi

largest kingdom
multi- cellular
over 1 million known species
- Worms; no limbs or bones, slimy body, slender body, three groups.
-sponges; live in oceans, pump water through their body, don't move.
- Mollusks; soft body, held together by muscles, sources of food for many people, scientific name: Mollusca.
- arthropods; exoskeleton, segmented body, jointed legs,can be in dry enviroments.

second oldest form of life
single cell organism (unicellular)
most familiar bacteria
- streptococcus
- lactobacillus
- staphylococcus
most are multi-cellular organisms
some are very important to ecosystems or as food
some cause disease-ring room, athletes foot.
oldest form of life
Single cell organism (unicellular)
found in extreme enviroments
- geysers
- hotsprings
- volcanic ocean vents
"odds and ends" kingdom
all microscopic organisms that are not plants, not animal, not bacteria, and not fungi
single cell organisms (unicellular)
second largest kingdom
multi-cellular organism
producers ( make their own food )
- fish; all have gills, three groups, worlds first vertebrates, most are cold blooded.
- birds; most can fly, all have feathers,warm blooded , they lay eggs.
-mammals; they breathe air, don't lay eggs, all have hair at one point of their lives, approximately 5,000 species.

Living things
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