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Colonial Tailors

Tells all about colonial tailors

Elizabeth Youngblood

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Colonial Tailors

The word "tailoring" means the art of cutting and tailors had to do a lot of cutting to do their job.They made dresses for women and clothes for men and children.They also adjusted clothes for everyone. Tailors would adjust clothes for soldiers,women ,children,men and anyone who came to them to have their clothes adjusted.
Their Job
Where they mostly lived
Their tools
They used scissors and needles. They also used thread and fabric. They used all different kinds of fabric to make dresses and clothes with.
Colonial tailor
Colonial tailors had to make their own clothes.
This is made by


They lived in all the thirteen colonies because they weren't needed anywhere special.They just lived wherever their shop was in the colonies.
Where they came from
They mostly came from England.Because England was the first to claim America so other people followed from England.
Why they came to America
They came because they thought it would get them more business.So if they had more business they get more money.
I hope you liked our presentation
Fun facts
Colonial tailors weren't the only tailors. There are still tailors today.The only difference is we use much more advanced tools.They used needles and thread.We use sewing machines and print designs.
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