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Elder Abuse 2.0

No description

Talitha Guinn-Shaver

on 16 November 2015

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Transcript of Elder Abuse 2.0

Elder Abuse 2.0:
Using Technology to Address Abuse

Crime Mapping
Elder Abuse Forensic Telehealth Project
The Need
Our Goals
Focus Groups
Barriers and Implementation
Using Technology to Ensure Uniform Data Collection
Introduction and Learning Objectives
Participants will be able to describe low-cost technological tools that can aid in their work

Participants will be able to explain some benefits of working with community partners to pilot new tech too

Participants will be able to describe tips on how to create similar projects
Kerry Burnight
Talitha Guinn
Lynn Rodriguez
Jeanine Yonashiro-Cho
Elaine Chen
Intervening in Cases of Elder Abuse and Neglect
Linking Officers to Training and Resources
368+ Elder Abuse App
Connecting the pieces
SFEAFC - for funding - for better understanding - for the future
* Why an app?

* Collaboration

* Training

* Dissemination

* Tools
Collaboration is Key!
Students are Gold
But so are YOU!
For a Brighter Future
Need for standardizing data collection
Improve data collection and management
Gathering needed information
Input Output
Reliability and validity of the data depend on accurate input!
Manual input vs. data import
Computer database allows up-to-date changes to be made
Search functions
Ease of input, storage and retrieval of client information
Ease of collecting redacted data for reporting purposes and supporting grant proposals
Save hard-copy file space (Computer technology is here!)
Learn more through App It Up
DIY App Builders
Resources to help you plan
Additional Examples
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