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No description

cornflower otter

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of flappers

flappers they wore short skirts,bobbed their hair,listened to jazz,and flaunted their disdains for what was then considered acceptable behavior. they were seen alot for wearing a whole lot of makeup,drinking,smoking,and driving flappers went to jazz clubs at night were they dance provocatively, smoked cigaretts through long holders sniffed crack (which was legal at the time) and dated freely. they had their own slang words for example, "i have to go see a man about a dog" often meant goin to buy whiskey. they were also known for their style. they were close fitting hats,hobble skirts. the flapper look required heavy makeup. they wore kiss proof lipstick, dark eyes were in style. Pale skin was considered most attractive. Amercain jazz and the populaization of dancing that accompained it flapper style made them look young and boyish: short hair, flattened breasts, and straight waist accentuated it. At this early date it seems thatr the style associated with a flapper already included the boyish Physique amd close fitting hat, but a hobble skirt rather than one with a high hyemline. flappres tended to wear 'kiss proof' lipstick. With the invention of the metal lipstick container as well as compact mirrors bee stung lips camne into vogue.
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