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Rational Golf™ presents: BioMatch™

With BioMatch One-Swing Club Matching, you'll increase your distance, accuracy, and eliminate the need of using a different swing for each of your 13 clubs.

ThreeTwelve Creative

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Rational Golf™ presents: BioMatch™

Current State of the Art

An Arbitrary Method


Was developed in the 1920s
Based on wood-shafted, antique clubs
Based on a club's center of gravity
Forces golfers to learn a different swing for every club
The current method of measuring swingweight generates irrelevant data that is not based on the physical properties of the club.
Swingweight is a static measure based on center of gravity.
Your swing, on the other hand, is dynamic and delivers torque.
Research into the design of golf clubs has primarily centered on increasing drive length and reducing the effect of off-center impacts.
What is BioMatch™?
How does it work?
BioMatch is the modern way to match your set of clubs, using the sciences of biomechanics and physics to ensure your muscle memory only needs to learn one consistent swing across all your clubs -- meaning you hit the ball both further and more accurately.
Golfer's Data
Club Data

% of Body Fat
Lie Angle
Moment of inertia around grip
Biomechanical Model
Club Optimization
A biomechanical model of the human body with all its relevant elements is made based on the golfer's data. This data is passed through an anthropometric routine which calculates the length, mass, center of gravity and moment of inertia of relevant body parts.
Clubs are optimized with respect to weight and moment of inertia around the grip based on the biomechanical model of the golfer.
BioMatch Reports Including:
BioMatch calculations
Data for matched set of clubs
Instructions on how to adjust clubs based on BioMatch index number
The output of the BioMatch algorithm is the BioMatch index number. Based on the obtained index number, each club is optimized for weight while maintaining the original moment of inertia around the grip. If desired, the moment of inertia around the grip may be adjusted before the final weight is determined.
Mechanical backweights are of the Tour Lock Pro type. However, they have been modified to accommodate washers in order to adjust the weight to the nearest gram.

Installation of mechanical backweights is easily accomplished by simply cutting a hole in the back end of the grip.
Further, it will detail how to achieve the desired BMI by adjusting club length and / or adjusting the weight of each club by adding backweights.
Liquid backweights
Mechanical backweights
After applying the BioMatch™ method:
You will only need to use one swing for your entire set of clubs
Club head speed will increase, giving you more distance
Club steering will not be necessary, resulting in better accuracy in regard to direction and spin.
Your overall swing will naturally improve over time
Learn more about Rational Golf and BioMatch at:
Or email Gisle Solhaug at:
Liquid back weights are single component
or epoxy product that is injected into the grip end of the shaft through the grip vent hole. Shortly after being injected it will cure to a flexible compound.
There are two types of backweights to choose from:
As club technology improves over antique wooden clubs, set matching based on an arbitrary swingweight has become obsolete.
Golfer will receive...
Something is broken: There has not been any improvement in the average handicap of golfers for decades.
Putting a set of clubs together based on an arbitrary swingweight means the set is arbitrary.
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