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Edgar Allen Poe

No description

Sophia Hart

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allan Poe By: Sophia Hart His Life Final Days My Resources Edgar Allan Poe's Jobs When Edgar was 6 he went to a school in England for five years After Virginia(his wife and cousin) died of tuberculosis in 1847, Poe's life long struggle with alcoholism and depression worsened Poe Joined the U.S Army in 1827 when he was 18 He died on October 7, 1849 Facts about Poe Who were his Parents? Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19,1809 He also attended West Point Military Academy Poet/Writer
Editor of countless magazines
Soldier for the U.S Army On October 3rd, 1849 Poe was found slumped over in an ally way he kept going in and out of conciseness and never could explain what happened to him.

Edgar Allan Poe died in the hospitable on October 7th, 1849. People still are looking for the cause of his death. Interesting Facts * Edgar was the second of three children * At age 13 Poe had written enough poems to write a book! Edgar Allan Poe's Birth parents were Eliza and David Poe. When Poe was two his mother died and before that his father left the family. Poe was later adopted by John Allan and Francis Allan. * At age 27 Poe Married his cousin Virginia, she was only 13 when she got married. Famous Poems that he wrote Lenore
A Valentine
A Dream within a dream
Bridal Ballot
Evening Star
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