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Humor and Irony/ The Drunkard

No description

Dylan Payne

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Humor and Irony/ The Drunkard

Humor and Irony/ The Drunkard
Literary Scholar I
Literary Scholar II
Frank O'Connor was born September 17, 1903
He joined the IRA and fought in the Irish Civil War
Interned by new government following war
After release, he found work as a teacher, theatre director, and librarian
Started seriously publishing works around 1939
O'Connor wrote 11 collections of short stories, 2 novels, 1 book of original poetry, a biography, and an autobiography
Started teaching in U.S. in 1950
Died on March 10, 1966 from a heart attack
The Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award is given in his honor annually
Plot - Mr. Dooley dies. Larry and father, Mick go to Dooley's funeral. Larry's mother asks him to keep his dad from drinking. Peter Crowley is there as well. Decide to go from the funeral to the bar. Larry ends up being the one who gets drunk and Peter and his father must carry him home.
Point of View - First person

Literary Scholar II
Direct -
Mr. Dooley - "Mr. Dooley was an intellectual..."
Mick - "Drink, you see, was fathers weakness."
Peter Crowley - "A mean man, as mother said,
who only went to funerals for the free drinks he could get at them."
Indirect -
Larry's Mother

The Drunkard takes place in the early 1900's
Somewhat based off of his own childhood
Ireland in the early 1900's was in an economic depression and poverty was widespread (many men turned to drinking)
In the period of 1910-1920, Ireland was on the brink of civil war and war finally broke out in the 1920's
The Drunkard was first published in 1948 which was the year Ireland gained independence from Britain.
World War 2 had concluded 3 years before the publication date
Works Cited
Lambert, Tim. "A Brief History of Ireland." A Brief History of Ireland. N.p., 2013. Web. 10 Sept. 2013
"Frank O'Connor Research Website." Frank O'Connor Research Website. University College Cork, 2013. Web. 10 Sept. 2013.
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Son getting drunk
Being called a "guardian angel"
"It is a truth..."
Mr.Darcy's situation
Discussion questions:
Why is this story considered to be literary fiction?

Why is irony useful for authors to suggest thoughts?

Chronological Structure
Larry - Protagonist and Antagonist
Suspense and Surprise.

Humor and Irony
Larry plans on keeping his father from getting drunk but gets drunk himself.

Theme -
Relationship to his childhood considering that his father was actually a drunk.

What do you believe the Theme is?

Symbol, Allegory, and Fantasy
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