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Mendel's Genetics Webquest

No description

Taylor Altman

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of Mendel's Genetics Webquest

Gregor Mendel- The father of genetics who first studied using pea plants
Law Of Segregation- Gregor Mendel created it. It's when gametes are produced and two alelles seperate.
Dominant-Only one copy of this allele must be present in order to see this trait
Recessive- Two copies of this trait must be present in order to see the trait
Allele-A form of a gene
Heterozygous- an organism that has 2 different copies of an allele
Homozygous- an organism that has 2 identical copies of allele

Children Resemble Their Parents
We resemble our parents because parents inherit genes such as blue eyes or brown hair and they get passed down to us.
When left alone pea flowers self fertilize
The male part of a flower is the stamen and the female part is the pistil.
In self fertilization, the male part or the stamen matures first. It then produces pollen and drops the pollen onto the immature female part or pistil. Then the eggs that the pistil holds are fertilized by the stamens pollen.
In cross fertilization, you have to cut the stamens off before they mature so that they dont drop pollen . When the pistil matures, you dust the pistil with pollen from another plant.

Genes Come in Pairs
Mendel concluded that each alternate form of a trait is specified by alternate forms of a gene. Self-fertilizing is another name for purebred. Purebred means bred from the same bloodline. Phenotypes which are visible traits, are very important in genes.Lastly, an allele is a form of a gene, one or two alternative genes.
Genetic Inheritance Follows Rules
Mendel's Law of Segregation is each parent can produce two types of gametes. One allele is "randomly seperated" into each gamete.
The punnet square is used to keep track of the gametes and possible offspring combinations.
3:1 is the ratio of geneotypes produced in the example of crossing a heterozygous yellow pea with another heterozygous pea.
Genes don't Blend
Mendel summarized that pea plants have distinctive traits that are inherited in predictive ways.
A hyrid offspring is when only one of the two traits are seen. And when two different species are crossed.
Some Genes are Dominant
Offspring that's a cross of two different pure bred organism appeal to have one trait because one trait is dominant over the other ans that would be the trait you see. Homozygous means an organism that has two identical copies of an allele. Heterozygous is the complete opposite. Its an organism that has two different copies of an allele. When two Heterozygous plants are crossed, the resulting progency mostly show the dominant but, the recessive phenotyp reappears.
Mendel's Genetics Webquest
By Taylor Altman And Faith Thomson

Block 3 Nov,3
Gregor Mendel and Law of Segregation
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