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Matthew Henson

No description

bruce goodwin

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of Matthew Henson

Matthew Henson
He was the first African-American to reach the north pole.
Matthew Henson was born on a farm in Maryland.
by Zakaria
Early Life
1887 Henson met commander Robert E Peary.
After that for more than 20 years their expedition where to the Arctic.
Matthew Henson went to the Arctic China Japan the Philippines France Africa and south Russia.
In 1912 Matthew Henson published his memoir.
In 1948 the club awarded the explorer it's highest rank of honorary member
On October 19, 1909 Henson was the guest of honor at a dinner ceremony
Places in Maryland are named after Matthew A Henson like elementary school's in Baltimore.
1988 Matthew and his wife Lucy were reinterred
in Arlington National Cemetery.
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