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Ferdinand Magellan

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on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan`s Introduction
He went along the coast of Europe down to around Africa then cut across the Atlantic. Next he went around the trip South America. When he reached the Pacific he named it Pacific witch mean peaceful. He went up and across until he reached the Spice island, and he died.

1. He was page boy of Portuguese King and Queen.
2. Magellan was considered to his home country Portugal.
3. Magellan`s voyage was sparked by a treaty
between Spain and Portugal.
4. Magellan`s expedition had a multinational crew.
5.Magellan gave the Pacific Ocean its name.
Interesting Facts
The legacy of Ferdinand Magellan
Magellan sailed with five ships and there name is Victoria, Trinidad, San Antonio, Santiago, Concepcion.
Only one came back is Victoria.

Ferdinand Magellan died at Spice island in Philippians and it was in 4/27/1521. He got killed in battle [fighting].
Where and when Ferdinand Magellan died
Magellan grew up during the Age of Exploration. Between 1400 and 1600, many Europeans explored unknown areas. They learned about countries outside of Europe. Magellan was12 years old when Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic ocean. He was 18 when Vasco da Gama went around the southern trip of Africa and sailed India. Magellan wanted to be like Christopher Columbus and Vasca da Gama. He wanted to be explorer.
He left Spain in 1519 with five ships and 260 men.
Life on the ship
Ferdinand Magellan
Ferdinand Magellan
He is Portuguese
The ship Ferdinand Magellan
What Country did Magellan went
First explorer around the world by Arlene Bourgeois Molzahn. He named Pacific Ocean its name.
He had been to Africa, South
America, Guam, Philippines.
Why did Magellan explored
Ferdinand Magellan was born in 1480 in Vila Nova de Gaia, in Portugal.He is Portuguese explorer His parent`s name is Rodrigo de
Magalhaes [father] and Alda de Mesquita these parents died when Magellan was 10. He had two siblings. Brother`s name was Diogo de Sousa. Sister`s was Isabel. When he was 12 he became a page boy for King John and Queen Elnora.

The Route
Book of Ferdinand Magellan
F amous
E xplorer
R ough
D ied at fighting
I ntelligent
N avigator
A dventurer
N ationality is Portugal
D ied in 1521
M agellan
A rounded the world
G ave Pacific Ocean its name
E upopean
L ong voyage
L eader
A page boy
N ot Spanish but he sailed from Spain
Acrostic Poem of
Ferdinand Magellan
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