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the cow of the sea

sarah bodin

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Manatees

The cow of the sea Getting down to the basics Manatees are marine mammals that dwell in shallow waters. The average manatee weighs 1,200 lbs and can grow to over ten feet long. Are you threatening me? Where my peeps at? There are many different threats to Manatees. Manatees One of the biggest Threats to Manatees is collisions with water crafts. The hulls and
propellers of boats leave seriously injured and killed Manatees. In 2009 429 Manatees were killed in a watercraft collision. Manatees live in shallow coastal waters, canals, and other shallow slow moving bodies of water. In the United States, the population is usually found in Florida for winter months, and all a long the east coast when it is warmer. Sarah's View How humans can help Manatees also get tangled in Fishing Line and nets.
When the Manatees get tangled in the net or line it usually results in severe injury on the animal, or the animal drowning, especially when the nets get tangled around their flippers.
It creates a huge problem too because it takes 600 years for fishing line to biodegrade. One last threat is Manatees are facing is called cold stress.
Manatees are very temperature sensitive and can only survive in water 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If they go in too cold of water they become sick and stop eating. When I was little, I went to Florida to see my grandparents.
When I was there we'd see the manatees. This is one of my favorite childhood memories and I'd really like to share this with my children in the future. I think that there should be a higher punishment for hurting manatees. The manatees do need help and humans can
do a lot to prevent the loss of manatees. Doing research there was somethings that are human related threats and non-human related. We can help prevent both.
The human related ones mostly consist of us littering so if we properly dispose of all of our trash that would be a very good factor in helping the manatees.
Also people who donate to different organizations that go into the safe havens make a big difference. I'll Protect you One of the laws made to prevent the extinction of Manatees is called "The Florida Sanctuary Act" The law made it so there was speed limits in Manatee zones and people created Manatee safe havens. The safe havens were monitored to ensure the Manatees were reproducing. The safe havens are also kept just the right temperatures for manatees. A power plant that's warmth that helped to actually protect the manatees Fun Facts about Manatees - Manatees have mustaches. I´ll protect you!
(international) * Brazil made hunting manatees illegal in 1973 in an effort to preserve the species , but boat strikes are still common.
*All three manatee species are listed as vulnerable to extinction by the World Conservation union.
*Many zoos around the world keep manatees. History: Through a Manatee's eyes. -Manatees emit squealing sounds to communicate. Much like teenage girls. - Their flippers have a finger nail at the end. this was because they once lived on land. - Female manatees are pregnant for 11-13 months. * Manatees were traditionally hunted by indigenous (native) Caribbean people, however this practice is less common today.

* The primary method for hunting method was for the hunter to approach in a dugout canoe and then offer bait to attract an unsuspecting manatee close enough to temporarily stun it with a oar-like pole. Most of the time the unsuspecting manatee would flip over, leaving it vulnerable for future attacks.

* From the manatee hides, Native Americans made war shields, canoes, and shoes, though they were primarily hunted for their abundant meat.

* Later they were hunted for their bones, which were used to make ¨special potions", up until the 1800s, museums paid as much as $100 for bones. (that was a lot of money back in the olden days!) HELEN'S POINT OF VIEW I believe that manatees should be protected by the federal government, because they are endangered. I think that there should be stronger punishment for poaching (unlawful hunting) in general. -Manatees are the only surviving marine mammals that eat only plants Liz's point of view Sources www.savethemanatees.org
www.manatee-world.com/manatee-predators.html *http://calmingmanatee.tumblr.com/post/41915427480/image-description-a-cartoon-of-a-manatee
*http://9thcivic.com/forum/threads/floridas-friendly-manatees-photographed-by-alexander-mustard.2282/ In my opinion Manatees should not be harmed by us. Which means no hunting, trying to not run them over with your boat, and throwing garbage away properly. I think we should just leave the Manatees alone. People in manatee areas need to stay under or at the speed limit and watch carefully for them. The no hunting rule and garbage is easy. Just don't hunt them and throw and recycle your trash. If the population is still declining after these three things stop then we can put in motion to make the manatee safe havens. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manatee
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