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Cry, the Beloved Country

Steven Kumalo: a man of forgiveness.

Leah Wendel

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Cry, the Beloved Country

Steven Kumalo: a man of forgiveness Theme Steven Kumalo demonstrates his easy forgiveness through the traits of compassion, emotion, and spirituality. Cry, the Beloved Country for·give·ness (noun): the act of being forgiven The director asserts that no matter the circumstances, everyone can be forgiven Absalom Kumalo Arthur Jarvis Gertrude Kumalo Stephen Kumalo Wait! Come back to Ndotsheni with me! Kumalo hunts down his sister, Gertrude Kumalo, and criticizes her lifestyle, yet he still forgives his sister because she was simply attempting to survive. His desire to take her back home to Ndotsheni demonstrates the depth of Kumalo's easy forgiveness even though she's living her life in a way that he's strongly against. His compassion for his sister trying to earn her living from prostitution further proves that no matter the circumstances, forgiveness can be attained. Kumalo's son, Absalom, shoots James Jarvis's son, Arthur, and becomes imprisoned, yet Kumalo forgives him and attempts to aid in him in the legal process. Therefore, this shows that Stephen Kumalo is forgiving because he forgives his son for killing Absalom Kumalo recognizes that his son's girlfriend has become impregnated and that she'll need the protection of his family due to Absalom's imprisonment. Even though Kumalo disapproves of Absalom and his girlfriend's lives, he accepts their choices as making their own mistakes. Kumalo shows how he is forgiving by remembers his familial roots and forgives them, eagerly welcoming the newest additions to his family back in Ndotsheni. Evidence and Analysis Evidence and Analysis Evidence and Analysis Created by:
Sydney Geisler
& Leah Wendel Stephen Kumalo Absalom's girlfriend Stephen Kumalo shows his forgiveness by forgiving his son, his sister, and his son's girlfriend.
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