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Janine Jaeger

No description

Janine Jaeger

on 22 September 2012

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Transcript of Janine Jaeger

Janine Jaeger All about me My favorite sport is hockey. I have been
playing it for 11 years Sports I play the flute and piano Instruments I have a dog (Appollo) and a
hamster (Emmett) Pets I have three older brothers : Justin(23), Travis(21),
and Devan (18). Family In my free time I like to read and take
pictures. Free time If I could go anywhere in the world,
I would go to Ireland. Vacation My favorite foods are broccoli and grebble Food Travel Plans This year I am going to New York with the St, Joes band, and to Mexico for a wedding. My favorite actor is Robin Williams Actor My favorite singer is Taylor Swift Singer Strengths in computers Containing my anger when the
computer isn't listening to me... Weaknesses in Computers Everything.... I repel technology.
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