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Texas Explorers

No description

Lauren Vereen

on 15 August 2010

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Transcript of Texas Explorers

Texas Explorers Cortes Coronado Cabeza de Vaca Moscoso Onate La Salle
Trip One La Salle
Trip 2
Spain 1519-1521 What Happened?
Conquered the Aztec empire
claimed all Mexico for Spain
sent treasures to Spain Famous for...
Opened the door for the exploration of North America Spain 1536 Spain What happened?
Shipwrecked/disastrous trip
Estevanico and De Vaca were captured and enslaved by Indians and held for 8 years.
Why Famous?
First to see buffalo
First "surgery"
Spain 1540-1542 What happened?
• Looking for seven cities of Cibola (Cities of Gold)
• Traveled (lost) in the panhandle
• The largest expedition sent to Texas. Brought well trained soldiers.
Why Famous?
First to explore the Southwest of North America. (Caprock Escarpment, Grand Canyon)
1542 What happened?
Went to North America to gain fortune
Why Famous?
Discovered “black goo” (OIL!) Spain 1598
What happened?
• Built first Spanish settlement in New Mexico
(FIRST settlement in North America!) Why famous?
Did NOT want wealth, wanted to spread Catholicism. France
1684 What happened?
•Trapper, wanted to TRADE with Natives (based in Canada)
•Sailed down the Mississippi River to Gulf of Mexico

Why Famous?
Claimed that all land that drained into the Mississippi for France France
1684 What happened?
•Built Fort St. Louis on Lavaca River.
•Did NOT want Spanish to know
Why famous?
His presence in Texas caused Spain to become interested in Texas once again.
Most famous for...
Mapping the Texas Coast 1519 What Happened?
explored and chart Gulf Coast Pineda
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