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Language Arts

No description

Chris Mckinnis

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Language Arts



Chase Escarcega
Chris Mkcinnis

The cat jumped in the tree because the dog was chasing it.

a word that modifies an adjective.


a word that can function by itself as a noun phrase.
Sentence Definition
Complex sentence: has two parts, one that stands alone, and one that can't.

Compound Sentence: is two simple sentences combined to make a whole new sentence.

Appositive: is a noun that describes another noun in a sentence.

Complex Compound: is one incomplete thought and two complete thoughts

Sentence Examples
I like sports but, my sister likes video games.
I didn't do my homework because I didn't want to do it ,but my sister did hers.
My friend , Madison, has two bikes.
an adjective is a word that describes person.
idiom: a saying that is not to be taken literally
hyperbole: a exaggeration using emphasis
personification: someone giving a animal or thing a human trait
simile:a comparison using like or as
Figurative language examples
Figurative language
metaphor: a comparison not using like or as
Prepositional Phrase:
a modifying phrase consisting of a preposition and its object.
Coordinating Conjunction:

a conjunction placed between words.
Simile-she's tall a giraffe.
Personification-the book speaks for its self
Subordinating Conjunction:
A conjunction that introduces a subordinating phrase.
Idiom-when pigs fly
Hyporble-I'll never do any thing right
Metaphor-her eyes are diamonds
I couldn't focus on my homework because
my brother was playing loud music
I like PS3 but, my brother likes xbox 360
Boybands, One Direction, doesn't make good
music in my opinion
Parts of speech
pronoun-The food was nasty so
threw it on the floor
adjective-the girl is very
prepositonal phrase-When the kids were playing hide and seek the girl hid
under the desk
subordinate conjunction-
he liked chicken ,he bought a tub of
coordinate conjunction-the dog
cat are small
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