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Portfolio of Integration

No description

areta sobieraj

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Portfolio of Integration

Finally The Portfolio of Integration is a pilot project, which will use the observations and feedback gained by all those involved to produce:
a new and better Portfolio of Integration which will be made available to teachers throughout Europe;
updated and improved teacher training course;
new and more effective guidelines to help newcomers use the tools available;
a dvd which explains the Portfolio of Integration and its pilot phase;
an updated and user friendly website. What is it? Portfolio of Integration.
An Italian good practice An EC funded project involving 5 partner countries: Italy, Poland, Greece, Turkey and the United Kingdom which aims at developing and diffusing an existing integration tool in schools.

The main focus is the adaptation of the "Notebook of Integration" a tool which allows teachers to observe the inclusion and integration of migrant pupils in schools.

The Portfolio of Integration is an Action Research project which will bring two new and key aspects to the existing model: Multilingualism and Creativity. When? The Portfolio began in 2011 and will last as a pilot project for two years.
It is currently being tested by primary and secondary school teachers in Italy, Scotland, Poland and Turkey.
There are 20 teachers experimenting the Portfolio in Italy. They started this pilot phase in October 2012 and will end in May with the end of the school year. The Notebook of Integration The main tool used is the Notebook which aims to help teachers observe integration and inclusion in their classroom. What is the Portfolio made up of? There are a series of activities available to teachers in the partner countries:
Guidelines to use the Notebook of Integrations
The Notebook of Integration
Training and feedback sessions
A website to gain and share info and experience
Research Structure The Integration Notebook is divided into 7 sessions and is a flexible tool which can be used by teachers at different moments throughout the school year both to observe integration (not only students and other teachers but also families) but also and in order to evaluate improvements.

The Integration Notebook is a tool within a training path: the path must be followed and supervised. This means that the group of teachers (max 20 per group) implementing the notebook will periodically meet with a tutor. They exchange observations, share problems and ideas. This feeds the Action Research. How to observe?
Using a global approach

What needs to be observed?
School entry – welcome phase
L2 Skills
Peer realtionships
Non-school relationships
L1 and contexts of origin
Motivation The Notebook supports teachers to observe and facilitate integration in their classrooms.

It supports new-arrived students in their welcome phase and highlights their past history and skills as an added value in the class and school.

It enables teachers to record changes, difficulties, achievements related to integration.

It draws teacher’s attention not only on student's learning achievements but also on their other skills and attributes.
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