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Mike's Lost - LOTF Comparison

No description

Mike Bachner

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Mike's Lost - LOTF Comparison

Concept Map Piggy

Piggy is ;
Jack Merridew

Jack is ;
Intimidating Intelligent
Piggy is very intelligent. He is the one who comes
up with most of the ideas for the boys. Some
of his ideas include the shelters, the sundial,
the fire and the conch Cowardly
Piggy shrinks at the point of any danger and wishes to run from work or challenge. He is fearful of Jack and is extremely frightened when he loses his glasses to the others. He fears the 'beast' aswell. Follower
Piggy as an individual is a horrible leader. He comands respect but never recieves it, and he is the oint of the boys humour. Piggy's intelligence makes him a great side kick. Civalized
Piggy is civalized. He refers back to things that remind him of civilization as well. He often refers to his Auntie. Piggy also states times through out the day, to maintain orginization. His civility is lost when Jack steals his glasses Optimistic
Through-out the book he tries to keep a 'glass half full' mentality. When the others leave he thinks that they will only come back. Another time e is optimistic is when hope of a rescue seems to be impossible, he still thinks that one day 'they' will come.
Jack is truly savage. He is obsessive about the 'hunt' and thrives on the adreniline of the kill. He loses himself to his instincts. Jack also lets go of his identity to the mask and becomes a beast. Megalomaniac
As demonstrated by his protests to Ralph, and his request for a re-vote for chief, he is obsessed by power. He feels that he is supreme and that the others should do as he says. In this way he is like Hitler. He becomes a hunter immediatly and gives himself power. Courageous
Jack is definitly courageous. He ventures of into the 'haunted' forest by himself and hunts the dangerous boar. He is not frightened by the 'Beast' and thinks that he can hunt and kill it. Vicious
Through Jacks Hunting and his torture, Jack is vicious. Once he put his mask on for the first time he grew more and more vicious. The peak of his vicious behavior is when he arranges the hunt for Ralph. He is terrible. Intimidating
With spear in hand and mask painted onothers fear Jack. Because he killed the first boar and displayed his blood thirsty nature, others succumb to his will and might.

Piggy can also relate to John Locke.I belive this because the two both council the leaader of their story but are ignored.

Piggy also can relate to Hurley, obviously because of their stature, but also because they try to aid the groups in the two stories, and are plaged by a weakness. Piggy has 'ass-mar' and Hurley a weak nerve.

Piggy is also like Sayhid. Piggy has the knowledge, on how to build things such as Sayid does. Jack and John Locke can be connected in two ways. First they are both hunters, and second the prey they hunt is the wild boar. Both of these characters want to be leaders at one point in time, and both do become leaders.

Another character in Lost that Jack relates to is Sawyer. They both have an edgy, fighting additude about them. They both have long blond hair and are selfish.
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