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The Taming of the Shrew

No description

Janna Briley

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of The Taming of the Shrew

This is video is from
The 10 Things I Hate About You
and it shows the clip from the movie when the father forbids his two daughters from dating/marrying.
Lucentio and his servant, Trantio, plan to study philosophy at Padua. They happen to hear a encounter with the Baptista and his two daughters. He states that Bianca cannot marry until Katherine does. All of Bianca's suitors decide to search for a husband for Katherine. Lucentio decides to disguise himself to woo Bianca.
Act I
Act III starts with Lucentio, as Cambio, and Hortensio, as Litio, are quarelling over who will teach Bianca first that day. Lucentio tells Bianca who he really is all while sending Hortensio away several times because his instrument is "out of tune." At the closing of the scene, both Lucentio and Hortensio think the other is trying to woo Bianca, but Hortensio basically says if she falls for just anyone she isn't worth it. In the rest of the act, Petruchio is late to his wedding and when he does finally show up he's dressed like a mad man.
Act IV
Petruchio and Kathernie are now newly weds and arrive at Petruchios country home. Anything that the servents do is not enough for him. He complains that the servents burnt the food and his wife deserved a better meal than what they preared for dinner and sends Kate of to bed without food. Katherine has gone several days without food an sleep and Petruchio claims that his reason for doing this is so that he can "tame" her. Tranio is disguised to be Lucientio, and is trying to win Biancas love for Lucientio and Bapitisa approves. Biondello plans for them to elope so that Baptisa will not know that Tranio is not the real Lucientio.
Act II
Katherine is very abusive to her sister Bianca but their father steps in and ends it. Also this makes Katherine question her fathers love for her.
People are disguised as other people in order to trick others and get around the rule of marriage.
Tranio (Lucentio) wants to marry Bianca
Petruchio has the desire to marry Katherine. Baptista wants him to gain his daughters love first. Petruchio and Katerine meet for the first time but get into an argument. Petruchio lies to her father about them being in love. Their wedding is arranged and now Bianca can marry as well. Gremio and Tranio (Lucentio) each make offers in order to marry Bianca. Tranio (Lucentio) out bids Gremio and can now marry her. He also has to find his father to guarantee the dowry. Tranio (Lucentio) trys to find a fake father.
The Taming of the Shrew
Group members:
Mallory Best
Janna Briley
Allison Canady
Jasmine Crosby
Kennedy Hughes
Hannah Williamson

Literary Elements
It all begins when a drunken beggar is thrown out of a pub for being reckless. His name is Christopher Sly and after being insulted and thrown out by the hostess he passes out. A great lord finds him passed out and decides to play a prank on Sly. Sly is put into a nice room with grand clothes and jewels and wakes, being told that he is a great lord who has been out his mind for awhile. At first Sly is confused and demands his normal beef and ale until his "servants" tell him that he is delusional and his "wife" wishes to see him. After finding out he has a wife he becomes eagar to be alone with her but she insists on watching a play instead.

The arrival of the real Vincentio causes the plot to unravel. Katherine and Petruchio observe and are shocked by the events and follow to see the outcome, but not before Petruchio makes another humiliating demand of Katherine. He demands a kiss from her, in public. She protests and says she is embarassed to, but when Petruchio threatens to return home, she complies.
At a banquet hosted by Lucentio, Petruchio is ridiculed for marrying Katherine, who the other men still think is a vicious shrew. Petruchio suggests a wager in which the man whose wife is most obedient will win. Lucentio sends for Bianca and Biondello for the widow he married, and both refuse as they are busy. Petruchio confidently sends for Katherine, who arrives immediately. Petrucio demands that she retrieve the other wives and she complies. He tells her that he dislikes her hat and she throws it off. Katherine then reprimands the other wives for being too angry and not submissive enough to their husbands. The other men admit defeat, and Petruchio and Katherine go to bed together.
Act V
SETTINGS (TIME) · Unspecific, though presumably sometime during the Italian Renaissance

SETTINGS (PLACE) · Padua, a city-state in Italy prominent during the Renaissance
This video is similar to the end of Act V when Katherine finally is "being tamed" and she says a monolouge that talks about a wife and their responsibilities. In the clip, Katherine is reading a poem talking about how much she hates Patrick for "taming her".
A bad tempered, disobedient woman/ a mouse like animal with a long snout and tiny eyes.

What's A Shrew?
Marriage as an economic institution.

Roles of Men and Women

The effect of social roles on individual happiness.
Symbols- Petruchio’s wedding costume,
the haberdasher’s cap and tailor’s gown
These symbolize the power that Petruchio has over Katherine and that he can do as he pleases by humiliating her and getting her to do whatever he says.

Motifs- Disguise,



Game: Who is the shrew?
On google presentation


Final Kahoot
Pass out Article (handout)
Before taking the final quiz
Full transcript