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Human Services Value Curve

No description

Mallory Hyatt

on 7 December 2016

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Transcript of Human Services Value Curve

Human Services Value Curve
Employer of Choice
Business Process Reengineering
Same Day Service
Mail Service Savings
Navigators at Food Bank
Senior SNAP Initiative
Domestic Violence Partnership
Responsible Fatherhood Program
Nurse Family Partnership
Wellness Program
Aging Well
HESS (Housing for Education Stability and Success)
Jeffco Prosperity Project
/ Head Start
Power of Partnership
Work with county to purchase new mail machine with additional capacity.
Saves $17,000 cash outlay for the machine.
Saves $2,000/year on monthly maintenance agreement.
Saves tying up $25,000 - $50,000 every quarter (no processing check requests, eliminates internet connection, saves $200/month on meter charge).
Participation in bulk mail, saving $1,000/month in postage.
Time saved in processing postage due to new machine's quickness and efficiency.
Works with local food bank at local church to help individuals receive other benefits.
Forms community relationships.
Works with National Council on Aging (NCOA) to do one-on-one navigating with seniors in applying for and enrolling in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
Partnership with Family Tree - victim advocates work side by side with caseworkers providing consultation and home visits.
Works with both victims and perpetrators of abuse in the same family - on site consultation services to address dynamics of entire family system.
Looks at the why behind the behavior and seeks to make changes there.
Understanding the triggers of the behavior.
Child Support Services, Head Start, and TANF wraps services around families to ensure fathers have every opportunity to be successful and to contribute to their families’ well-being.
Health representative, child welfare, and nurses.
Improves economic self-sufficiency by helping parents develop a vision for their own future, plan future pregnancies, continue education, and find employment.
Works with county to provide health initiatives for employees.
Decreases insurance costs.
Staff are healthier and feel better while at work.
Increases employee morale and retention.
Staff Wellness Champions represent each division.
Vendors provide preventative screening.
Community garden, Farmers Market,
Strategic planning project focused on 'silver tsunami.'
150 community partners.
20 year plan.
Serves families with housing, education, employment, and general case management services.
Partners - not for profit agency, housing authority, school district, and Human Services.
Funding - foundation, school district, and federal funds.
Helps homeless families gain permanent housing and additional services to stabilize children's attendance at school.
Long term - increases likelihood of high school graduation if child attends schools regularly.
Intensive case management in the home.
Employment and training services for parents.
Harnesses the power of community to support families.
Project partners and families work together to find/create solutions.
Transformational change occurs when a community focuses on a common goal.
Long term plan - kids to diploma, parents to self sufficiency.
Government, nonprofit, businesses, and faith community partnering to serve the community.
Long term plan.
Analysis and redesign of workflows to optimize processes and automate non-value added tasks.
Performance based analysis strategy to better focus on and improve performance outcomes.
Beyond requirements.
Allows collaborative, integrative, and generative services to happen.
Pretrial Services
Collaborates with community partners to provide services.
Integrates workforce job search systems for defendants.
Identifies families of defendants and provides wrap around services such as housing and food assistance.
Getting it Right Grant
Wraps all justice services clients and families with needed services.
Adheres to federal laws, rules, and regulations.
Partners with employers, non-profit entities, and public agencies to ensure offenders, families, and children receive services that lead to self-sufficiency.
Trauma Informed Care
Welcoming to all children including those with serious trauma exposure.
Builds competency of teachers and parents to support typical brain development and trauma affected brain development.
Relational and developmentally appropriate.
Long term impact of trauma is decreased.
Improves long term mental health, physical health, adjudication, and dependency on government assistance.
Higher return on investment with children ages 0 - 5.
Establishes a stakeholders group of community members.
Fraud Investigations
Ensures compliance with state and federal regulations.
Conducts welfare fraud investigations to uphold integrity of eligibility program.
Ensures individuals are held accountable for deceptive actions.
Ensures funds are available to individuals needing assistance.

Quality Assurance
Conducts monthly program reviews to ensure compliance with state and federal policy.
Ensures customers are receiving correct benefits.
Ensures collaboration with eligibility program areas.
Ensures errors are identified and timely corrected.
Assists with identifying training needs to ensure Program Specialists have the necessary expertise to perform job proficiently.

Generative Application
Platform for collaboration internally and with partners serving customers.
Allows for integration of services among agencies and creates the ability to streamline service delivery.
Provides a data warehouse for predictive analytics.

Website Migration - Collaborative Foster Care Program
Develops a more user friendly web site, allows for better sharing of information, increases interest and enrollment.
Increases families available for the children and reduces dependence on non-family settings.
Provides more support for families, resource information for people who want to help, community outreach and collaboration, support system for the children we serve.

Compliance based Human Resource Practices
Performance reviews
Personnel rules and regulations
Safe work environment

Employee-centered culture that values internal customers as much as external ones.
Agency wide training - inclusivity, customer service, integrated services, good to great.
A demonstrable caring for the health and well-being of its people by looking for ways to make employee's lives easier and less stressed.
Education on stress and financial wellness for all employees.
Emphasized training and development for all staff.

Opportunities for growth and development are provided by the company in the forms of education, mentoring, cross-training, and cross-experience.
Competitive compensation and a variety of benefits that have a high perceived value to the workers.
Monthly supervision and coaching.
Emphasized leadership development for managers and supervisors.

Good to Great Leadership throughout.
Non-authoritarian (Level 5) enlightened leadership that provides vision and direction, along with being open and accessible.
Fellowship to train future leaders.
Meaningful work is provided to the employees and they have ample opportunity to understand how their work contributes to the bottom line of the company.
o Employee Action Committee
o Team meetings
o NeoGov
o Engagement Surveys

Making a difference in the community and in the world, an Employer of Choice® is a good corporate citizen, whether supporting local causes or reaching out to the global community in need.
o State recognition for divisions and department
o National recognition for divisions and department
o Generative Model Focus
o Power of Partnership
o Aging Well
Partnering with other agencies to drive excellence in leadership throughout the community.
Building a vision of change that impacts all of Jefferson county and beyond.
Community Assistance Collaborations
Partnering with CSU-Extension and CSU grad student to conduct study, 'Healthy Food Access for At-Risk Populations in East Central Jefferson County.'
Partnership with JPP Client-Centered Practices Grant.
Working with Jeffco Jail to enroll released inmates and/or families in medical programs.
Subsidized On-the-Job (OJT) Trainings
Pre-Employment Candidate Evaluations
Wage Analysis
Layoff Transition Assistance
Talent Recruitment

Employer of Choice
Specialty Courts
FIT Court
Drug Court
Problem Solving Court
Veterans Court
Best Practice Teams
Collaborative Foster Care Program
Sharing of financial and human capital resources.
Opportunities to expand programming.
Development of high quality and consistent practice among 3 counties.
Sharing of county specific practices.
Child and Youth Leadership Commission
Partnership of 22 family-serving agencies and local jurisdictions.
Set policies, procedures, and bylaws.
Mission to increase the health and well being of children, youth, and families by establishing collaborative leadership, accountability, and efficient and cost effective coordinated systems, through streamlining services and reducing duplication.
Human Trafficking Subcommittee
Jefferson County Commissioners and CYLC are leading an all-out effort to eradicate human trafficking.
Addresses legislation, training needs, resource sharing, specific goal setting, and more.
Law enforcement, judicial, education, victim responders, mental health, medical, faith based community, human services, youth corrections, probation, and other professionals joined together.
Adult Protection
Monthly Review Team includes community members.
Attends Jeffco District Attorney Round Table and Jeffco Sheriff's Mental Health Round Table.
Single Entry Point advisory meeting with outside providers.
Aging and Adult Services
A navigator from Centura Health assists with Medicare enrollment and Medicaid applications for individuals who are working with Adult Protection, Single Entry Point and Long Term Care.
Disability Benefit Services assists individuals to apply for benefits. This navigator works with many programs and is housed in Long Term Care.
Regional Care Coordination Organization cross training with Single Entry Point and Long Term Care to work with Medicare/Medicaid clients to improve health outcomes, provide resources, and assess client needs.
Mediation Services
Over 240 volunteer mediators donate more than 6,000 hours of service, managing over 1,500 cases.
Saves county resources.
Jeffco Thrives
A sustainable, action-oriented, collaborative coalition of partners working on social policies, systems, and environments.
This coalition aims to harness the knowledge of diverse Jefferson County groups by examining the impact of the social determinants of health to the overall well-being of the people who live, work, learn, and play in Jefferson County.
Jeffco Thrives serves as a forum for the sharing of projects, data, and strategic planning, while examining community capacity and needs related to educational attainment, social cohesion, economic stability, safe neighborhoods, adequate housing, and environmental justice.

Jefferson County, Colorado
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