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Citizenship Session 4

Concepts: of integration, tolerance and multiculturalism; the rights and responsibilities of individuals

Melanie Black

on 29 September 2017

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Transcript of Citizenship Session 4

Over to you..
Define the following words:

Integration, tolerance, multiculturalism, equal opportunities, positive action, social inclusion &
corporate social responsibility

What does integration attempt to achieve?
What do you think?
Tolerance can mean different things to people.
Definitions of multiculturalism refer to anything from people of different communities living alongside each other to ethnic or religious groups leading completely separate lives
Equal Opportunities
This is a tricky one to define.
What is Integration?
What rights and responsibilities do individuals in society have as citizens?
In your groups discuss this question and come up with a list of five rights and five responsibilities that you think we have as citizens in this country
Citizenship Session 3
Answer the following
If you placed a £10 each way bet, at odds of 10 - 1 and won, how much would you receive from the bookie?

Concepts: of integration, tolerance and multiculturalism
The rights and responsibilities of individuals in society as citizens
Equal opportunities and positive action to find solutions for greater social inclusion
and representation without changing standards in favour of race or gender or disability
Corporate social responsibility

What are we learning today?
Who might have issues with integration?
Essentially it means to tolerate (accept) the differences of opinions or behaviour that you may not agree with.
Can you think of an example of this?
Lord Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth says that multiculturalism was intended to create a more tolerant society, one in which everyone, regardless of colour, creed or culture, felt at home. But, he says, multiculturalism's message is "there is no need to integrate".
Some people think it is treating everyone the same, but it isn't always. Treating everyone the same all the time might not be fair. Why?
Positive Action
When is ensuring everyone is treated the same a good thing?
the right to be treated without discrimination, especially on the grounds of one's sex, race, or age
Positive action' means the steps that an employer can take to encourage people from groups with different needs or with a past track record of disadvantage or low participation to apply for jobs
Which groups might this definition be referring to?
How might public services combat positive action?
What is the difference between positive action and positive discrimination?
Corporate Social Responsibility
What does this image mean?
In buzz groups come up with common answers
In your notes
Write a short paragraph on one of the following;

-Something you learned
-Something that surprised you
-Something that changed your opinion
When we talk about integrating cultures we usually refer to several cultures coming together to form a new, multicultural society.
Each culture keeps its character, features and values.
Representation without changing standards in favour of race or gender or disability
Some people think that positive action is unfair
It might seem that individuals from under represented groups find it easier to get into jobs
This is not the case:
It does not mean a change in standards - all candidates are appointed on merit and must undergo the same recruitment and selection procedures
These initiatives manage an organisations actions, to produce a positive impact on society.
Improving lives of the workforce
being ethical
reducing environmental impacts
having a better work/life balance
workforce given time to be able to work in the community
Which of these things demonstrate an organisation who behave responsibly?
child labour
money to
on animals
pollution to a
bribes to get
selling to
with poor
human rights
Not using
sweat shops
Selling Fairtrade
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