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Johnny Depp


Tatyana Vasilenko

on 25 March 2010

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Transcript of Johnny Depp

Hello! I am American but my
great-grandmother was
a real Cherokee. When I was 12, my
mother bought me a
guitar.I learnt to play
it myself. My dream was to
become a rock musician. When I was 16 I played
the guitar for a group
called THE KIDS. My first important role was
in horror film. It was A Nightmare
on Elm Street. This is me-in the film
Edward Scissorhands. I have lots of hobbies.
I like collecting things.
I have a big collection of bugs.
I`m also proud of my fake
moustache collection. I play the guitar. I
also draw and paint. I am fond of sword fighting. I invented the make up for
Captain Sparrow myself. Pirates of the Caribbean
is my favourite film. My name is Johnny Depp. I play Captain Sparrow in
Pirates of the Caribbean.
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