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Antigone Plot Graph

No description

David Shim

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Antigone Plot Graph

Antigone Plot Graph Back Story In the beginning of the story, it talks about Antigone's background. Antigone's dad, Oedipus, was abandoned and left alone in the mountain because the oracle said that he will kill his dad and sleep with his mom. However, Oedipus was saved and raised by the king of Corinth. He was living a peaceful life until he find out his fate. He runs away and goes to Thebes, where his real parents are. However, Oedipus kills his real father, and later defeats sphinx, becoming country's hero. he become king and marries the queen, which is his real mother, and gets four child, Eteocles, Ismene, Antigone and Polyneices. When the queen and Oedipus find out the truth, they both kills themselves. After the king dies, Creon becomes king, but Polyneices declares war against country. Eteocles, who supported king, dies in war fighting against his brother. By knowing the back story, readers can understand the story and plot more flexibly and effectively. Also, readers can see how characters feel, which helps readers understand better. Exposition "Antigone" takes place in Greece, Thebes. Antigone has brother Eteocles and Polyneices, and they are the son of king. In the story, Eteocles and Polyneices have different will and die in the war. Antigone wants to bury her brothers but Creon is going against her. Exposition is giving out how the story will work in the story. By doing this, reader will understand the plot more effectively and will be able to get in to story easily. This exposition was drove with dialogues in Antigone, and it made it even better because by using dialogues, reader can see character's personality. Inciting Incident In this story, there wasn't a lot of inciting incident, but there was definitely bold inciting incident. This incident was caused when Antigone does the ritual, which is against the country's law. Creon now wants to kill Antigone because she disobeyed his law. In this part of the story, people see whats going on. Inciting incident is the base for climax, and it is carried on through rising action. Reader starts to see the story interesting and it gets intense as the plot graph goes higher. This part shows how Creon has cold heart and Antigone loves her brother. Rising Action In the story, Antigone starts the fight against Creon, even though she is in unfair situation. When she starts the fight, Creon says that she will be killed for disobeying the law. However, Creon's son Haemon threatens his father that if he kills Antigone, there will be more death following, which can mean that Haemon will suicide. Creon couldn't decide his final decision, and he meets the blind prophet Tieresias, who tells Creon to leave Antigone alone. In the plots, rising action adds more fun things that will make readers stay in the book by giving it some intense actions. In the story, Antigone is very brave and fight for her right to bury her brother. In this part of the story, readers are going with the plot. By making the story intense, tension between Creon and Antigone is increasing. Climax During climax, Antigone hangs her self. Climax is the most intense part of the story, and in "Antigone" Antigone hangs her self. The main character of the story is now dead, and the tension is at the maximum. Resolution After the Antigone's death, Haemon kills him self. When Haemon's mother see Haemon's death, she hangs herself. Now Creon is left alone and he regrets what had happen. At this point, the plot is slowing down. The story is getting calm and sets to end. In the resolution, Haemon and his mother dies. Creon regrets what had happen to him and now we know that he wasn't just the bad guy. Antigone has sad resolution. Is Antigone Setting Dependent or Independent? Antigone is a setting independent story. There are lots of themes in the story, for example, one versus society. In 20th century, racism was very common and black people fought for equality in society. White people were the majority and black people were minority, so they stand against the society. Also, when Korea was under control of the Japan, few people stand against Japanese control. They knew they will die, but they still stand against Japanese, and this shares same theme and key with Antigone. For the last, Todd Beamer, who was in one of the hijacked plane that was heading toward white house, stopped the terrorists from starting the terror. Terrorists had guns but he started the plan to stop the terrorists, and the plan worked. He died while doing the operation, but terror was stopped by people in the airplane. He was brave, and this theme shows similarity to Antigone's theme. Antigone has setting independent play, so it can be played in many other situation.
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