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Just ahead ... the future college classroom!

Welcome to my "presume" and application to the Prezi Educator's Society.

Michael Shampine (Personal)

on 31 December 2015

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Transcript of Just ahead ... the future college classroom!

Just ahead ...
the college classroom
of the

Good morning, students,
If you are present here in our classroom, please sign into this lecture with your fingerprint on your desktop scanner. If you are joining us from elsewhere in the world, please sign-in now with your remote device.
Thank you! I see we have 2,456 students attending this lecture worldwide. Today, we'll explore our global economy.
Michael Shampine
Professional Background ...
surveyed college students from 100+ institutions. Based upon survey data, the following recommendations were made about future college spaces:
Saurage Marketing Research

Spaces and furniture should allow for rapid adaptation and creative, collaborative experiences
Learning should be more


(e.g. Studio 805, MIT Media Lab, 1871)
Campus designers need to create spaces that take advantage of the cloud environment
College adjunct professor
Technical skills instructor
Awarded business manager
Higher education marketer
LLC founder and president
Awarded technical writer/editor
Saurage Research ...
Professional Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelshampine
Adjunct Professor
This educator is particularly interested in the second point of Saurage's research:
making learning fun and relevant.
"The Washington Post" sites Judy Willis' research which concluded that the best learning occurs when it's fun. The
is responsible to make learning pleasurable.
Educators should do everything possible to make their learning environments

thing I accomplished in the classroom ...
My teaching style is to walk around my college classroom to engage students in discussion during the lecture.
What the the impact of this discovery?
Now, it doesn't matter where you sit in my class ... I'll engage you during a lecture and maybe even sit down next to you!
After discovering Prezi, I encountered a real challenge:
making Prezi work with my Logitech R400 remote presenter. Even Logitech said, "It can't be done!!!"
After experimentation and consultation with our college's IT chief, we found the solution ... don't put Prezi into full screen mode. My Prezis now work with full functionality as I move through the classroom using my remote presenter!
What do students think of Prezi?
Higher education instructors should know what their "customers" (students) think about the "product" (education) they are purchasing. Don't guess what students think -- ask them in anonymous, online
( ). During lectures, use online, live
( ) to get immediate feedback.
Most college students are intelligent adults; they know what's good and what isn't. My students are
88% in favor of Prezi
as a presentation platform ...
Why am I the
1. I give
and may be the only college educator using Prezi with a remote presenter.
2. I fully embrace Prezi and encourage others to do so.
3. I use Prezi creatively and innovatively.
4. I care about mentoring students.

Prezi educator?
My membership in the Prezi Educator's Society would allow me to better advance engagement in the classroom by:
My educational philosophy:
"Life is a series of learning experiences;
it is what we take away from each of these experiences that makes us who we are."
Advancing the use of Prezi with a remote presenter
Demonstrating how to use Prezi more creatively
Promoting the use of Prezi as a viable learning tool
Graphics: Google Images
Sound: http://www.freesound.org
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