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Final Case Study-IE256-Team #9

No description

Ahmed Jabi

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Final Case Study-IE256-Team #9

Applied Research Technologies, Inc.:
Global Innovation's challenges
Q# 2: As Cynthia Jackson would you approve the expenditure request if Vyas send it up to you ?
Cynthia Jackson, vice-president of ART’s Water Management Division, has to decide on the commercialization of the mini-oxidation system. Jackson has got several reasons to reject the project: the product launch is too risky because it may not be accepted on the market.
Q# 1: As Peter Vyas how would you handle the expenditure request for the re-launch of the mini water oxidation system ?
The manager of the Filtration Unit, Peter Vyas, asks for $ 2 million to launch RIMOS, that from my point of view is the right thing to do. He should handle the expenditure request by stressing all the improvements that his team has been able to bring to the mini-oxidation system. Vyas knows that he’s facing a critical decision, but he’s confident that his project is going into the right direction and that is necessary to go forward for the survival of the division and to recover full trust.
Q# 4: How effective has Jackson been as an ART division vice president?
Vyas showed a quite good attention to global challenges. In fact in developing the product, Taking into consideration global challenges, recruiting bright talents, accepting risks and believing in ambitious projects are the main attributes of a large company as ART.
Q# 3: How effective has Vyas been as a front-line manager at ART ?
Vyas is a very ambitious and tenacious manager who has never given up even if his credibility was damaged. Peter was able to recruit skilled human resources and encourage his colleagues and the vice-president to pursue the abandoned project.
The Problem Definition
Peter Vyas want to re-launch the mini water oxidation system because that he asked for $2 millions and he need to convinces Cynthia Jackson, the vice-president of ART’s Water Management Division.we asked to put our self in their places.
Team No.9

Thank you
for listening..
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