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ambrose bierce

No description

john morton

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of ambrose bierce

Ambrose Bierce Discovered Contributing to a newspaper Great American Writer Famous Work "An Occurance At Owl
Creek Bridge" The Devils Dictionary Life Before Writing Served in the Military
During the American
Civil War Wrote a Memoir about
the Battle of Shiloh
Titled "What I Saw Of
Shiloh." American Lieutenant Childhood Tenth Of Thirteen Children In San Francisco Born in Ohio on June 24, 1824 Life at War Served as a Lieutenant
in the American Civil War Ambrose has style
Ambrose was considered
a master in a style known
as "Pure" English An Occurance At Owl Creek A man finds himself about to be executed
by Union Soldiers after he mistakenly gives a tip to a Union Scout thinking he was a Confederate Soldier. Barely making it away with his life he travels all night through the woods and as soon as the sun begins to rise he arrives at his house just to be shot by a Union Soldier as soon as he arrives in his wifes loving arms.
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