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Borjan Final Project

No description


on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Borjan Final Project

Fashion Forward
SWOT analysis:
One of the finest brands of shoes industry.
Famous for its great ambience and luxuries style.
World class manufactures of footwear for men and women.
Innovating products and affordable prices.
Other than shoes, they offer bags and fashions accessories.
Dedicated in making trends and fashionable style sense.

Maquette de l'application mobile
“Borjan aims to achieve recognition in the shoes retailers industry in Pakistan and its neighborhood countries to make their customers smart and feel comfortable. The assurance and availability of high quality Borjan shoes and other products would help in making the brand on absolute preference and choice of the people”

According To Us
“To be the best shoe provider with comfort and latest style.”

“Borjan aims to achieve recognition in the shoes retails industry in Pakistan and it neighborhood countries to make their customers smart because we are the only industry who offer fashion with comfort. We assure that our product is best in quality and available to customers all the time. Our team is dedicated towards taking this brand to be the first choice of the people and take social initiatives for the welfare of marginalized communities.”

Bargaining power of buyers:
Bargaining power of suppliers:
Rivalry among competitors:
Threat of new entrants:
Threats of substitutes:
SWOT analysis: conti..

Space Matrix
Borjan is providing good quality leather
Borjan is using very fine leather skin for bags
In international markets, leather is very expensive but Borjan is providing very fine leather in affordable prices.
The staff is very educated and polite
Borjan never lags behind in taking social initiatives for the welfare for strengthen of communities where socio economics conditions are verse under the umbrella of haral bunyad by providing people loan without interest.

Porter’s Generic Force
Porter's 5 Force
Future Vision

I-E Matrix

Strategy Implementation
Grand Strategy Matrix
Action Plan
Customer insight:
Competitive edge:
Company’s current performance:
Market gaps:
Product Excellence:
Market Research:

on Behalf of
Zain Fayyaz Butt L1F11MBAM2012
Amara Akram L1S11MBAM0136
Sana Farooq L1F11MBAM2080
Ahsan Ashraf L1F11MBAM2024
Ahmed Raza L1F11MBAM046
Ali Raza L1F11MBAM2083
Razi-ul-Hassan L1S11MBAM2082

They don’t have much variety of shoes for occasions.
Stock is very limited
Less awareness about the brand because of poor advertisement
Borjan is catering a specific class only
Borjan have very less variety in their stores

Increase in purchasing power
Increase in life style of people
Have an opportunity to enter in a new market segment such as sports shoes etc.
Increase in population growth also an opportunity
The demand of shoes has increased
Government support
Intense rivalry in shoes industry
People are now getting aware of online shopping and buy coolest brands online
Customers are loyal to their brand so its threat for borjan who failed to spread awareness regarding their brand.
As inflation is increasing day by day. So it’s very difficult for a low income level group to manage their budget.
As there is a very tough completion in the market, so everyone is having a strong price competition with its competitor.
Increase in tax rate also affects company profits margin. Because its decreases there sales volume.
Now everyone is producing almost same thing. So it’s very difficult for company to capture the loyal customer of other company and switching cost is very low. Anyone can switch to other brand easily.
Fast changing fashion trends are difficult to adopt.
Product development
Market development
Evaluation & Control
Measures to check effectiveness.
how effectively advertisement capture and maintain audience attention and engage viewers.
Corrective actions.
Customers may not change their mind set up.
Pay role of the staff can discourage the staff.
Advertising could be difficult to afford.
Borjan Shoes Company is good overall but still it is not preferable by the customer.
Borjan is very much focused in leather shoes and producing limited stock.
They should bring cultural style in their product.
They need to improve their marketing activities.
If Borjan comes up with differentiation product by doing product development it can increase its market share from 11 percent to more.
Project Experience
We all group member had a great experience in making this report in learning perspectives. We learned team work and removed conflicts effectively. We have learned how to build up a brand and create strategies for it. How to identify problems in a brand? How to make changes in policies according to your own when you do not find information from the company as they hide their confidential things. How to analyze things with creative mind?

Any Questions?
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