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Group 5 presentation

Spa Environment

Gisele Fernando

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Group 5 presentation

The Physical Ambiance of
The Spa

The Canadian Spa Industry
Physical Ambiance
3 categories
Ten Spa
Presented by
Gisele, Brittany, Marc,
Nicole, Iriny, Tao and Liyu

Thanks for listening!
Relatively new, but steadily growing industry

In 2005, the Spa industry generated over
$1 Billion dollars in sales revenue

In 2006, the Spa industry employed more than
25,000 people

Over 2,300 Spa locations across Canada
Lighting effects
Dim light help customers feel relaxed, at peace, and safe

Aromatherapy essential oil can purify people’s minds and comfort people’s mood

Light music and Running Water noise create the nature environment
Atmosphere Continued

Other Perks
Glass of wine, champagne or snacks help with the upscale experience

Exotic atmosphere

-includes draped semi-private circular waiting rooms.
-minimal decor in lounge as well as treatment rooms (mani/pedi service)

any questions?
Segmentation of function areas
Feel comfortable and safe
Match up the theme design
1) Personalized Gift Coupons
2)Spa Delivery
3)Private Consultant Service
4)Introduce Membership Program
5)Booking Gift/"Get more, Pay Less"
Located in the Fort Garry Hotel

Offers services like facials, manicures, pedicures, massages, yoga, mud "cocoons" and a Turkish Hamam

Spa Packages range from $300-$1000 for groups
Turkish Hamam
Treatment Rooms
Change Rooms
-dim lighting and spot lights
-marble :shower, floor, seats and wash basins
-artwork: Arabesque style blue on white mosaic
-Ceiling decor is inspired by a starry “romantic Arabian night”
What we learned
Growing industry, $1 billion in sales in 2005.
Atmosphere is second most important aspect to consumers.
Decor is designed to match the service being offered.
Each area has a different "theme".
Soothing music, sounds and scents are also utilized.
Relaxation and escape are the primary goals.
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