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Station Model

an introductory lesson to weather

Jeanette McNally

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Station Model

Weather Variables The station model- STATION MODEL: A specified pattern for entering, on a weather map, the meteorological symbols that represent the state of the weather at a particular observation station. The state of the atmosphere at a given time and place, with respect to variables such as temperature, moisture, wind velocity, and barometric pressure cloud
cover wind direction wind speed temperature (F) visibility
in miles present
weather dewpoint (F) barometric pressure barometric trend precipitation why the station model? consistent
packed with info where are all the units? On the top right corner of the model for a surface weather map is the pressure, showing the last two integer digits of the pressure in millibars, along with the first decimal. For instance, if the pressure at a certain location is 999.7 mb, the pressure portion of the station model will read 997.
Pressure range is 960mb to 1040 mb
Try putting both a 10 and a 9 in front of the station model pressure code to decode it into a proper millibar (mb) measurement
Place the decimal inbetween the last 2 digits practice problems: Decode the pressure
1. The pressure on the station model is listed as 130.
What is it in millibars?
step 1: 10 or 9 (range of 960-1040)

step 2: add the decimal on your own: Decode the pressure
Station model code pressure:
027 Code the pressure from mb to
the proper formatting for the station model:

The pressure is 1046.0mb
Format it into the station model code.

1. remove the 10 (or 9 if there is a 9 in its place)

2. remove the decimal

3. remove the units on your own: Code the pressure
from mb to the station model format
963.0 mb
1034.6 mb
999.9 mb
1000.0 mb station model for today! Below the pressure will lie the pressure tendency figure, which indicates the pressure change over the past three hours. The number depicting the pressure change will usually have two digits and indicate the pressure change in 0.1 millibar increments. There are nine different figures which represent the pressure change. example problems:
The pressure was 1015.3mb at 6pm and it is currently 9pm with a pressure of 1016.5mb, what is the pressure trend? Winds are depicted as blowing from the direction that the tail is drawn. Measured in knots The wind barb shows the speed using "flags" on the end.
* Each half of a flag depicts five knots
* Each full flag depicts 10 knots
* Each pennant (filled triangle) depicts 50 knots The station model uses a wind barb to show both wind direction and speed. The present weather symbol depicts the current weather which normally is obstructing the visibility at the time of observation. The visibility itself is shown as a number, in statute miles in the United States and meters elsewhere, describing how far the observer can see at that time. plotted in degrees Farenheit The dew point is the temperature to which a volume of humid air must be cooled (at constant barometric pressure) for water vapor to condense (change) into liquid water. rain, snow, sleet and hail. Measures precipitation in inches for the last 6 hours If the circle is completely filled in, it is overcast. If conditions are completely clear, the circle is empty. If conditions are partly cloudy, the circle is partially filled in. practice:
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