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Managed Print Program at Colorado College

No description

Chad Schonewill

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Managed Print Program at Colorado College

Managed Print Program Printing at CC - the old More printers than employees (585 printers)
Every department has their own printer(s), and many have inefficient desk printers
Large drain on electricity with so many devices
Annoying chargeback system for copiers
Advanced features only available in certain areas (color printing, scan to email, stapling, etc.)
Even with almost 600 printers on campus, when one goes down it's an emergency
Huge variety of devices, all with different ink / toner, interface, etc. Printing at CC - the new Fewer devices, better quality, more efficient
Devices usable by anyone, not owned by departments or individuals
Way less electricity needed
No chargebacks, all centrally provided
Advanced features widely available (color printing, scan to email, stapling, etc.)
If a printer goes down, just print to another one in the building (or even another building) - not an emergency
More standardized devices What is Managed Print? At it's core, managed print is a different concept about how CC provides printing resources.

The idea is to provide a small number of high quality devices based on the needs of people in each building, making sure all the features they need are relatively close by and accessible.

It's a compromise between every person having their own printer, and there being only 1 printer per building. A Gross Analogy We don't each need our own toilet in our office that no one else can use (how weird would that be...) which we must clean, buy TP for, etc. Instead, bathrooms are placed sensibly in buildings for all to share. http://www.coloradocollege.edu
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