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Zeek Girard's Autobiography

Here is an autobiography of my life

Zeek Girard

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Zeek Girard's Autobiography

My birthday is August 19, 2000. I was born in a hospital in Southfield, I really lived in Detroit.
I have a mom and a dad. I don't see my dad very often because we moved. My mom is a Real Estate agent and she works in Southfield at a place called North American Real Estate. My dad is a barber, owns about thirteen houses and rents them to people.
I have three brothers, and one sister. Live with two of my brothers, but my other brother and my sister I don't get to see much but I really miss them. Ehmani is 9 years old Carlos is also nine Zamarie is 1 years old and Elisea is 18.
I was given my name because it is my dad's name. I was named after him.
I am part Korean part African American but I was born in Michigan. Beginning Years My first school was Ben Ross, my second school was Twin Beach, my third school, was Adler, my fourth school was Pleasantview.
For my birthday I brought cup cakes to the class and they sang happy birthday. We went on a field trip to Green Field Village.
A funny story is that me on my friends used to play a game that we made up every day called Nova.
My friends name was Shane, Conner, Houston, and Vladamir.
I did karate, Tai Kwon Doe, played basketball, and I boxed.
We used to play board games for free time and for indoor recess. Elementary School Years I go to school at Kelly Middle school ALPs.
My first day was going to Middle School was amazing. I met a lot of new friends, and saw a lot of old friends.
A funny story is in art when Tirzah was dancing, it was so funny the whole table was laughing!
I had an Android cell phone, now I currently have an iPhone 4s.
I am going to try out for the basketball team on Friday.
I am signed up for Techno Team after school on Thursdays. Middle School The College I want to go to is Yale university. I want to go to Yale because it is a really good, and old College.
When I get older, I will be an entrepreneur. I will go to college and learn to be an architect, build a hotel, and also build a casino.
When I get older I want to have a family. I want to live in a big house, live in a nice neighborhood, get married, and have kids.
When I grow up, I will take my family everywhere, I will travel all over the world. Future Plans Zeek Girard 10-25-12 Hour 4 Introduction I grew up in Detroit Michigan. I went to school at a place called Ben Ross.
My first days of school were just down right amazing. I was so excited to go because I have never gone before. I was ready to meet new friends.
My first memories of third grade was that I had to meet new friends and meet a new teacher. my teacher was really nice and I made a lot of new friends.
My first friends were Marcus, Christian, Kevin, and Tyrone.
I went on vacation when I was about 8 years old. I went on vacation to Florida. We went to a water park called Wet N Wild and we also went to Sea World.
A memory I had was when I first saw my baby brother when he came home. This is my beautiful and wonderful mother Michelle Lynn Girard. She is a great mom, she takes care of me and gives me what I need even though she struggles sometimes, she always pulls through. She can be quite harsh sometimes but thats becase she loves me. This is my dad, Ezekiel Zamarie King Davis. I dont get to see him much anymore, but I still miss him.
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