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Dr. Seuss vs. Robert Munsch

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noah felsbourg

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Dr. Seuss vs. Robert Munsch

Who's Better
Dr. Seuss
Better choice reason #1
Dr. Seuss
Better choice reason #3
Back ups for both
Best Teaching Quote
Dr. Seuss vs. Robert Munsch
Best rhyming quote
By: Noah
Dr. Seuss
Better choice reason #2
Best feeling quote

Children love starting to read for first time and both writers help children feel that:
Always has new stories to tell
Uses imagination most of the time
Never lies
Keeps the books appropriate
Invites all ages to read their books
Explores different paths for the children
If teaching is the game then Seuss is the name. Right from the book "one fish two fish red fish blue fish" even the name teaches colors, counting, and how to pronounce them. Here's even more teaching quotes "BIG Q little q" teaches what letters look like and how to write the letters both big and small. "Left foot Left foot Right foot Right" teaches children their left from right and that your feet play a big part in your everyday life.
The best Dr. Seuss teaching quote from the book "Oh, the thinks you can think" the quote is "Oh, the things you can think up if only you try." This quote not only ends a great Dr. Seuss book but teaches children that having imagination in your daily life is more then okay its great and its healthy.
Dr. Seuss' greatness doesn't stop there he's not only teaching in his books but he also writes them with so much feeling it's amazing. A quote straight from the Dr. Seuss book "And to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street" ""nothing" I said, growing red as a beat, "but a plain horse and a wagon on mulberry street."". It shows that you should have feeling in what you do.
A quote coming from "The birthday bird". This quote is known in history "And I wish I could do all these great things for you!" there is so much feeling in just this sentence it makes you think what else has he done.
If the other two reasons didn't persuade you that Dr.seuss is a better children's book writer then Robert Munsch then maybe the fact that Dr. Seuss rhymes in his books so it is easier for younger children to figure out the words and easier for them to sound them out like from "The Birthday Bird" "Here are some who like to run, they run all day in the hot, hot sun."
This is the 100% best Dr. Seuss rhyme ever and is just so easy and creative at the same time. It just rolls off your tongue so easily "To find who's the tallest, we start at the smallest." it makes children so happy when they complete a hard looking sentence but really when you put it in rhyme it is so much easier.
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