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Parkland Region

No description

Megan burnett

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Parkland Region

Parkland Region Landforms Natural Resources Vegetation Bodies of Water Climate Animal Life History Interesting Facts 1903
Some people said that
Dene Suline and Dunne-za
people lived on the the North
Saskatchewan River. The Nakoda people lived on the Blackfoot side. 1795
The hudson's bay company
built fur trading spots on
North Saskatchewan River. Becuase the river provided transportation, animal fur and water. 1897
The Yukons discovered gold
and so Edmonton minors came to
buy supplies for thier long journeys
But some decided to stay. 1902
The trains arrive to drop
off more settlers. So Edmonton
becomes a centre for agriculture 1905
Alberta becomes a province of
Canada and Edmonton becomes the capital city of Alberta 1947
A major oil discovery hit leduc.
Pipelines and refineries are
constructed leading to many new
buisnesses in Edmonton Napi's story:
One day Napi and his coyote
Went ƒor a walk Napi
was very tired so he sat
on this big rock. So he talked
to the rock and said rock
do you ever get cold and lonely
out here? As a reward of the
rock letting Napi sit on him Napi
gave the rock his buffalo robe.Napi
saw a storm coming and said to his
coyote to go and ask the rock for his
buffalo robe back so coyote asked very
kindly but rock said NO! coyote told Napi.
So Napi went to go ask and rock
still said no. Napi threw a fit
because he couldn't get his robe
back and all of a sudden rock
rose up and started running after Napi.
Napi of course was running for his
life and called to the birds drop on
him! So the birds dropped on him
and all of a sudden big rock split in half
The End Landforms in the parkland region
consist of hills huge rocks like
okotoks big rock and just flat land Green and Gold
How edmonton got its football
colors is when a doctor went for a walk
and saw how beautiful the colors of the
trees so what really caught her eye was
the colors green and gold. She told her husband
about the colors and decided the colors
should be the colors of the university.
So thats how the university got the colors
green and gold. The vegetation in the Parkland
consists of coniferous and
deciduous trees like
sprouse trees, trembling aspens
and much more! Did you know theres only
5% of our natural vegetation
left in this region. The Parkland region is
home to many animals like
moose,deer and elk. There's
more animals but these certain
animals have a short little
thing to say. I feel bad for
them because we cut down a lot of their shelter. Their shelter aws trees. So they don't have much shelter left. Can you guess who I am?
I am a carnivore.
I eat mice and rabbits.
I am numerous across Alberta
I am a coyote! Some challenges for the animal
life in this region that some
don't have shelter. What has been done for some animals
is Beaverhills bird observatory has
been taking birds in and they have little
bands on their legs so they can track their
movement. Did you know the two main rivers that run through the Parkland region are the Red Deer river and the north Saskatchewan river? Wetlands are areas that are covered with water all or most of the time. For example A slough is one type of wetland. In 2005 heavy rainfall caused water levels to increase and the North Saskatchewan river flooded Red Deer. Streams to the East of the foothills feed the North Saskatchewan river. Along it's path the river has carved it's own wide valleys. The North Saskatchewan river is part of the Saskatchewan river system. The weather in the Parkland region is so special because the weather varies so much. The weather affects how we live because the weather can help farmers with their crops. The right amont of rain and sunshine keeps the crops healthy. A lot of snow can cause our power to go out because so much snow can get on the powerlines. I know this from personal experience. Our sort of weather is rainy, snowy, and warm. Some natural resources found in this region are soil and lots of oils, gases, coal How we can help the natural environment in the parkland region is not littering and to start carpooling so that the exhaust doesn't get into the air. Some ways that Natural Resources can shape their way around our life is the jobs. Like miners they mine for coal. What I think is interesting is recreation.Some recreation in the parkland region is Helicopter rides (in Edmonton). Have you ever heard of the Edmonton Oilers? I personaly think that there an awesome team and even more awesome that there the only NHL team in the parkland region and even bigger Edmonton and Calgary are the only 2 city's that have NHL teams in Alberta.
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