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Communities of Practice

No description

Dean Smith

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice Process and forum of sharing and collaboration
Based on a common interest
They exist everywhere What are CoP's? Shared purpose of members
Collaborative learning from new knowledge
Critical reflective learning
Sensemaking -- creating shared awareness based on individuals' perspectives and experiences
How does it work? Virtual CoPs Where did they come from? Have always existed
Face-to-face communities
Virtual communities Goals of CoP Problem solving
Requests for information
Identifying experiences
Reusing assets
Coordination and synergy
Discussing developments Where can they go wrong? Lack of face to face interaction can be counter-cultural
Adequate support needed
Superficial discussion content, as well as lack of urgency in responding Lack of face-to-face contact eliminates traditional group norm behavior
Can be accessed anytime
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